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  1. Someone know, old world would be compatible with new uptdates? Klei PLS, 3k world ;-;
  2. So, I don't have any world in game, but I checked DoNotStarveTogether and there is my world. How I can fix it?
  3. [Game Update] - 307715

    Someone know how to make treeguard as Wormwood?
  4. Thanks man, you help me a lot <3
  5. Hi, I have a big problem, I want to build place for Varg with skeleton wall. After few time, first skeletons start to disappear. Why? I have tons of skeleton on world from 2000 days and they don't dissapear! Maybe some command or something can help me? Thanks for reading!
  6. QOL update report

    Lucky you, I want to make polish video from this uptade, so I will sleep 2h, maybe little more.
  7. QOL update report

    1:05 here and still waiting.
  8. Polish characters

    Chodzi ci o znaki diakrytyczne?
  9. I have bug with light on RoG and Shipwrecked, bug with map only on RoG Redmi 6A
  10. If you want, I can find video from this bug.