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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    It is not Maxwell related but here you go:

    A developer needs to look at this. Because it's more complicated then we think it is.
  3. Can't Delete Mods

    I think the game thinks you are subscribed to mods that you aren't. It might be a problem with Steam. Or your Steam Account. (Since you reinstalled DST it automaticly installed the subscribed mods that are not even subscribed.)
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    What do we call a person named Max that is not ill. MAX-WELL (That was a horrible joke and people want me to die now ;-;)
  5. Cannot block/kick anyone from server???

    They might be a hacker. When you click Kick or Ban they will instantly get Kicked or Banned. So it means the player is a hacker or the server is broken.(Maybe...)
  6. I can't log in / I can only play offline

    Wait a bit more. You might have a really bad internet connection. If it doesn't work i don't know what is the issue.
  7. Cant attack on a tamed beefalo?

    Try pressing "F" near a monster. Maybe it will work?
  8. Netbook graphic issues with some mods

    Klei cannot fix something that they didn't make. Mods should not be considered as bugs. Tell this bug to mod creators.
  9. Light flower don't provide light

    That is weird. I think i know what it is. Sometimes the light flowers around you loses it's light and dies. It seems like the game thinks the light flower is dead but the sprite is wrong. That might be the case.
  10. My base disappeared

    It doesn't seem like a bug.. It might be a giant. If it's not then your game was not saved or someone else destroyed it.
  11. Can't Delete Mods

    Did you try to unsubscribe the mods? If you are playing on steam you have to unsubscribe the mods you installed. They will automaticly get deleted from your game.
  12. i cant play the game due to script bug

    Are you using mods? Maybe disabling them will help.( I also noticed that the axe you are holding has a random EQUIP action on it... it is an inventory action so a mod might be causing this. If it isn't the case. Then try to reinstall it. If that doesn't work either that can mean something is wrong with your computer..)
  13. Isn't it so fun when you lag in a public server? ;-;