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  1. [Game Update] - 307715

    Thank you, thank you, legitimately thank you from the bottom of my heart for removing Warbucks. Thank you so much. I love our new character and I'm so deeply grateful you listened to community input on this game. I had my doubts, but this genuinely shows you truly care about creating a good video game. Thank you for all the effort put into recoding and redesigning and rewriting. Literally I hope every Klei employee finds a 100 dollar bill on the ground today. Good riddance, colonizer grandpa. Welcome home, perfect plant babby.
  2. I know someone's already asked this, but I'm really curious: did Tencent finally get those Guest of Honor skins? For those not in the know, the Rose set used to be exclusive to Tencent, and the Guest of Honor set used to be exclusive to Steam. We got our roses, but even though I'm a steam player, I'd be really sad if it turned out the Chinese fanbase didn't get to have bows-on-their-head-legs Webber, for example.
  3. Hey, hey hey hey. I don't wanna start drama, but I think you may be misunderstanding the situation here. You can still get the skins as drops, free of charge! You just have the option to buy them instead if you can't wait for them. [bolding and italicizing is mine] See? It's not like they're pay-only, technically you don't have to give Klei any money what-so-ever during this. It's just that they're a company, and companies unfortunately need to make money, so people have the option to help them out a little. I promise they're not withholding them from players without the money, you can read it right there. Don't panic. It's all chill. Again, not trying to start a fight, just trying to help out. Edit: ninja'd by an entire page, thanks guys (not sarcastic, genuinely thankful)
  4. re: ancient staff: Then I AM a big silly. Ah well, my mistake
  5. Evil file explorer here. Found something interesting about this update, don't click on the spoiler if you don't want, well, spoilers: