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  1. On 6/1/2022 at 7:13 AM, Mysterious box said:

    To be fair the forums represent a small amount of the playerbase and people who participate in these polls represent a even smaller percentage.

    That's the point of a poll though. You take a sample size to represent the whole because polling the entire population in this instance is impractical. While your point of delimitations is valid, I believe that my polls results do represent the target population reasonably well. However, if you wanted to objectively disprove my claim or make a mirror poll on other sites i would glady welcome that. 

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  2. On another note:

    - Shipwrecked doesnt have much for me to go on aside from "who made the volcano altar of snackrifice and does it have a morbid secret tied to actual human sacrifice" 

    - Hamlet lore as a whole has so many loose ends and unanswered questions. Hamlet ruins, who made them, why hamlet pigs are more sophisticated in Hamlet, is the Ancient Herald and Aporkalypse and the Living Water connected to main Them lore in any shape or form, who made the iron hulk, who used to live in the BFB nest house to name a few questions i have off the top of my head

    - also, the OCEANSILHOUETTE lines for each character present in early Turn of Tides updates which implied, well, a massive ocean silhouette and therefore boss fight. 

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  3. - maxwell red bird quote implicating the fire lands

    - woodie lore

    -  how do shipwrecked and hamlet connect to the constant as a whole? 

    - despite their return we stull cannot fully comprehend Them

    - the archives sealed portal and the rest of the decorations which provide no current lore significance despite them ostensibly being a massive lore dump

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  4. 2 hours ago, Terra B Welch said:

    in my tests, infinite rare candy codes cause really bad bugs with the medicine tab, which is the main deal-breaker for using a code like that.

    Oof, that's a roadblock... I hope you find a workaround of sorts, otherwise you gotta grind for those EVs... but only if you want those EVs, ahaha so much systems in Pokemon are hidden

  5. On 5/14/2022 at 8:24 AM, Terra B Welch said:

    It's over, it's finally over. The journey has come to an end.

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    After my final grind was finished, I ascended Mt. Silver, destined to fight the most powerful pokemon trainer, the one known as Red.
    I made my way through all of the caves, and reached the summit where he stood.


    I double checked my team to make sure I was ready!


    I challenged Red, and the battle begins.

    His first Pokemon was a level 88 Cradily! Even at level 97 Mori had a tough time with it, I swapped to HappyFeet to kill it with Blizzard, as thanks to Mt. Silver's hail, it always hit.


    Next up with a level 84 Wormadam, who HappyFeet also dispatched with Blizzard.


    Up next was a level 82 Abomasnow, I brought out ThreeCats to torch it with Flamethrower.


    Then a Level 84 Cacturne, it was also burnt up by flamethrower.


    The second to last mon was a level 80 Parasect, I brought out Mine for some time in the spotlight, he dispatched it with Brave Bird.


    and lastly a second Parasect, at level 84, Xeno was brought out for screentime, and managed to defeat it.


    and that was it, the battle was won, I have defeated Red in this randomizer, it was fun!

    but all good things must come to an end.



    Oh, and here's some postgame shenanigans I did for the next two hours.

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    After besting Red and sitting through the credits, I did some postgame shenanigans of mainly picking up items I missed, namely stuff locked behind Rock Climb.

    But I did visit professor oak, and he gave me a Jolteon.


    I found Zapados next to the power plant, it was randomized into heatran, a couple iron tails, a thunder wave and a heavy ball later, and it was mine.



    I also went and visited Dits in the Dragon's Den. We got confronted by Lance and Claire, and I was forced to carry Dits through his battle, funny that Dits had a Raichu in this fight.




    ...and that's all, to be honest I feel proper done with this rando seed for now, I want to try and set up the "DST Boss Challenge" playthrough of HG/SS rando, I made a thread on it a few days ago, so I want to work towards that.

    Huge thanks to everyone who kept watching this thread just to see how this playthrough went! (Namely @GetNerfedOn)



    Glad i was able to aid you on your journey :D hopefully the next one bears more fruit.


    The rare candy thing works if you don't overlevel your mons; if you use that strat i'll remind that it's also vital to give yourself infinite vitamins too given that you won't be able to gain EVs if leveling with Rare Candy.