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  1. ONGOING POLL: Check the link out, visit the poll and feel free to leave your answers and discuss in the comments!
  2. Thanks to concerns raised by FreyaMaluk regarding how general the previous poll was I shall be redoing it! With more categories this time. As always, feel free to answer the poll and discuss in the comments! (Side note: I shall still not consider character-based changes of any sort as they'd quickly stray into rework update sort of stuff and I personally believe it's counterintuitive to announce character reworks for all characters and then apply changes to them outside of their promised reworks (debatably unless said changes were really urgently needed to iron out gameplay in said character)) (Disclaimer: While the poll is simply representative of the forum community's interests towards which areas of concern they would wish prioritized to be remade, it does not represent the entire community's opinion; nor does it guarantee any of the said areas of concern to be fixed in the update.)
  3. I don't know what exactly counts as a "greatest achievement" in a noncompetetive sandbox survival game. Day Count? Specific boss kill? Latest base layout? Idk man all of them seem to fit. I'd prefer my SL 93 Claymore/Moonlight Greatsword-wielding waifu Dark Souls 3 playthrough to be the crowning achievement to top my achievements on that note, followed by mu European Units Only Stronghold Crusader run.
  4. Will redo old poll thanks to concerns raised by FreyaMaluk over the generality of the information gathered

    1. GetNerfedOn


      bah, i'm rethinking this


  5. DST needs more meaningful content which brings engagement to players, provides depth to new amd existing strategies in survival, and a satisfying risk-reward structure.
  6. I am well aware that my polls mean little to nothing in the long run in terms of this community; after all, views on my polls number much more heavily compared to actual respondents proving that the amount of representation they present is only a fraction of the community. Furthermore, they're never used as reference in actual discussions (save for one or two instances I can recall where a certain forumite misinterpreted them to their favor.) All I ask for is respect and consideration. It's rather rude to me for someone to say "screw everything on the poll" and raise their own suggestions while also ignoring the conveniently placed "Other" option. I get it, my polls are useless and cover only a tip of the iceberg in terms of actual community representation; but that doesnt give anybody the license to treat them - and me by extension - rudely.
  7. just how foreign is the concept of respect to people over here?

    1. minespatch


      Maybe the lockdown is giving them cabin fever?

    2. bruhmoment23


      DSTs general discussion section is slowly turning into a circus tent.