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  1. Spoiler

    i dont want to be angry or mad or irritating or frustrated or overbearing or idiotic i just want to be kind and help people and make them happy but at this point i really cant help it i just cannot help it and whatever semblance of credibility i used to have is destroyed by how stupid oi have been and will continue to be im so close to breaking point again oh God help me


    1. viberr


      i can't say i feel what you feel 

      but i can say that i've never seen you be stupid or mean or rude or've always just been really kind and would talk to me even when i was annoying 

      i don't know what you mean by creditably that you destroyed because i've been here on the forums for a year and i haven't seen you do anything stupid and even if you have done something dumb in the past,it was most probably like a year ago and you've moved past it and you're better now

      if you do feel like you're at breaking point.i recommend taking a break off the internet entirely and going to collect your thoughts via meditation or whatever makes you happy 

      i hope this at least slightly helped you and i just want you to know that you're cool

    2. minespatch


      Is this a thing on discord...?

    3. GetNerfedOn