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  1. - spent two hours scanning every edge in caves to find the new content before finally cracking, giving up and asking @Misuto on stream and being directed to the wormhole (tysm, btw!). Then proceeded to spam console and mess around. 

    - rosalina has the following glitches:

       * she and other chars disappear moving downward but only when other char mods are on

       * her crown still takes durability loss even with an active shield

    - stupid of me to think the first glitch was already fixed damn it

    - will have to continue being not around while schoolworks abound; my reasons to play DST have significantly decreased after the person who caused my return stopped playing or even communicating, plus Rosa is glitchy and there's little to nothing that my feeble brain can do to fix her

    - school is fine tho, pretty manageable, though i empathize with the people who can just barely do so


    1. ADM


      The first bug with the animations could have many cause but I'm pretty sure it is the same issue I have most of the time when I update my mods ^^. Look in the anim folder and delete any anim.bin files from entities that use a duplicated animation file, like Rosalina and her ghost version, if they share the same animations than the game original files, you don't need to keep them and they can override original animations, which has some issues. There could be other possibility if it's not fixed, then ping me and I'll look into it if you want to ;)

      The second with durability is not mentioned anywhere in the crown script, you don't take any damage but the equipments aren't affected by the damage modifier themselves. This should do the trick, I don't know who's the coder on the mod but the crown need to turn this true / false when the shield proc and unproc :

      inst.components.armor.indestructible = true

      inst.components.armor.indestructible = false