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  1. Oh look a spoiler! Whatever could this mean! :)


    Oh, another one! It gets deeper and deeper huh?


    Alright. Let me get this straight.



    So many elements of the forums currently have been rather bothersome to me as of late that I cannot even bear to look at this place, once full of vibrant, healthy discussion and interaction, now so full of inane, half-baked content not worth looking at.

    I also need time to reevaluate why the hell I'm on these forums making polls and TLs that eventually are just short-term roadside attractions.

    Lastly, I simply need some time alone, away from a group I feel I cannot easily trust. 

    Besides, I'm "just another member" and a casual member at that. While I may feel welcome in this community, I don't matter to any of you, period. That is understandable: nobody's supposed to owe anybody anything. I may have came into this community with a lot of expectations and excitements and over time I guess I really should not have expected much.

    I should really spend some time caring for myself instead of throwing my opinions and effort around without significant effect in the community.


    I'm just taking a break. I'l probably be back, but don't expect me to be as accommodating or active.


    I'll still update the Dragonfruit thread  though. And make last changes to the Poll Archive I forgot to add.






    1. Charlie Dark
    2. bruhmoment23


      Take a break. Don't go hard on yourself because of some internet forums, they don't show a person's worth in the real world. Talk with someone close to you like real life friends and family, express how you feel, focus on your hobbies, interests, visit a lake or a sea and look at the sunset. I can tell you're going through some tough times, so as an internet stranger least i can do is say this. Hope you'll be alright.

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