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  1. of all the reaction videos ive watched only AceStarThe3rd reacted as much as i did seeing Rosalina get blasted in World of light.


    I honestly watched the trailer rather neutrally, with little moments of surprise at hearing the voice lines, and watching Lucario and Bayo get beamed.


    Then i saw Rosa get beamed, let out a tiny little scream, then a louder one, and afterwards went "they just HAD to include her. People don't even like her that much. Why must they punish me this way?!"


    That aside, Lifelight is my jam now. Aside from the Sanctuary Guardian Boss theme.

    1. minespatch


      Sorry bud.:wilson_dorky:

    2. GetNerfedOn


      I've lived through it XD i just HAD to be attached to Rosa of all characters.

      But i've little regrets to this. C'est la vie.