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  1. Just found a glitch, with which I could prevent the Aporkalypse from happening ever again. To replicate: Build telelocator focus & staff outside of the Aporkalypse Calendar's ruins. go to the Aporkalypse Calender, and put an item on it's pressure-plate to make it move. Use telelocator staff to get outside of the ruins. Voila! No more Aporkalypse. The calendar is constantly moving, like you were standing on the pressure-plate, because of the item on it.
  2. We've been playing DST with my friend for a while now, and it was fune until today, when I tried to make a new world. I could join without problems, but whenever my friend joins the server, it suddenly shuts down, and I don't understand why. It worked before, and nothing changed since then. The server log says at the bottom, that it received a shutdown signal, and it just shuts down by itself. I don't know what could cause this problem. Can you look into it?