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  1. Hello I'll already asked about this on a after Topic, and I got a little help, but I wanted to appeal to devs or just wise players to get better help. Anyways to the question: The new trading cards had new Art in them that has not been used any where else before. You Could easily tell that the characters on them were made first, and then just pasted on a background. ( not saying that in a bad way, I really love them) So it kind of made me sad to find out that there was no way to download the characters only. I know it's not really a thing that Kiel does, to give out there art that they most likely will only use once, but please guys. All I'm asking is if I, with everyone else that would love to use these character images. If you could give out the original character images, (without the background or the lighting effect on willow's face) that would be great! I love these images there so colourful and clean! Anyways if anyone could give out the Original template of these Characters, or make them transparent (into a png file) I love you. Ps Sorry if I miss spelled something here or confused someone, it's 12:30 am in Australia and I'm really tired. If there is I'll try to fix it up sometime tomorrow, I'll just be really busy tomorr- ... today. Thank you for anyone that helps or just responses to me, and I hope I'll help anyone else asking the same thing.