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  1. doodle smatter

    I wasn't planning on it, but if I stumble across them soon I might. As it stands, I'd have to find them. That was the idea! The art and animation styles (and the haunted, doll-like appearance of many sprites) translate nicely, I think. Spindly, delicate puppets all.
  2. doodle smatter

    Thank you so much! That all means a lot, these are things I take pride in.
  3. doodle smatter

    In which I intend to put my fanart and such! I've mostly been getting a handle on drawing folks. Planning on refining how I draw Wilson in my style, given that I based his facial structure here off the sprites more closely than feels right to me. (I have also since realized that this is way off from Wes' vanilla outfit, but that's fine. I'm otherwise super happy with how he looks here and don't plan to change much about how I draw him!) And here's a sketch from a small comic I made that I want to (significantly) clean up and maybe digitize before I post it. I've drawn a couple Maxwells in my time, and I can safely say that I feel like this in particular is one of my more Maxwelly Maxwells, and that thoroughly brings me joy.