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  1. What the title says, the Malbatross Bill is flammable, it really feels like it shouldn't be, especially for a boss drop.
  2. I kinda forgot about this thread, here's a few more pieces I made recently
  3. A Carrat colored from eating seeds, which can only happen during the Year of the Carrat, will crash the game when it goes in your inventory outside of that event. Crash log attached. client_log.txt
  4. hi! I'm an aspiring pixel artist and I love don't starve, so I decided to practice on don't starve stuff! the new winter's feast recipes looked really cool so I decided to try drawing all of them (not too happy with a few of them but oh well!) I guess I might post some more stuff if I end up making it, I might also accept some suggestions on what to draw next because why not!
  5. Wurt's affinity for fish (either gaining sanity from carrying a live one or losing sanity from carrying a dead one, the latter having priority over the former) seems very buggy when backpacks are involved. If you carry both and move them to and from a backpack, it seems almost random whether or not you gain, lose or nothing happens to your sanity.
  6. For some reason characters take longer to shoot darts one after the other. This has started happening since the Hook, Link, Inker beta so I recorded a video in both the beta and live version for proof. live.mp4 beta.mp4
  7. I know, that's why I said "they're not enough", but I suppose I should have been more descriptive for the sake of helping the developers. I'm reporting it as a bug because it's probably not intentional, the recipe already was rarely worth it because of the ingredients, now it feels like it will almost never be used.
  8. Now that the fish from ponds gives fish morsels, 2 of them with 2 frog legs aren't enough for the fish cordon bleu recipe.
  9. It's called Moon Moth Figure Sketch as an item, but Butterfly Figure Sketch in the crafting tab.
  10. Most inventory items can be haunted, making it so they're launched away from the ghost, but Lune Tree Blossoms can't be haunted at all.
  11. I'm not the OP... I'm just saying when bramble blooms spawn on top of each other to help the devs fix the issue.
  12. Every time you save and quit during the season a new bramble bloom will appear on the spot where there's already a bloom. I don't think this is intended.
  13. Wagstaff's nearsightedness will choose something random from STRINGS.NAMES, but if it happens to be a MERMHOUSE, which is a table, the game will crash attempting to concatenate it. See image taken from strings.lua.
  14. Tumbleweeds are supposed to rarely drop Kingly, Queenly or Pawn sketches after their respective statue has been destroyed once at least in the world, but they don't. I believe the issue is in the chessunlocks component, see attached screenshot. There's no unlock assigned to those chess pieces.
  15. The Ancient Pseudoscience Station never drops Chess Trinkets when hammered, even if a trinket is unlocked in the world by mining the respective marble sculpture on a full or new moon. P.S.: The station does drop chess trinkets if it's on the surface, but this can't normally happen in a regular world.
  16. The special effects of Thunderbirds, "thunderbird_fx", doesn't get removed when the animation is done, staying in the world forever, completely invisible. It also blocks placement (which is how I noticed it at all). 2 of my friends both had more than 2000 "thunderbid_fx" in their worlds, possibly causing some lag (or at least some annoyance, because of not being able to place things).
  17. As the title says, Winona's Catapult's projectiles can indirectly hit Maxwell's Shadow Minions, killing them quite easily. Nightmares and Chester don't get hit for example, so I'd assume this isn't intentional.
  18. As the title says, no matter how many Birchnuts you try planting, the monster won't be pacified (similar to how Treeguards are pacified). The code seems to imply you're able to pacify them though.
  19. The recipe is working fine for me, not sure what's wrong. This might be a silly question, but did you unlock the recipe from a blueprint first? The Lazy Deserter requires a blueprint to be able to even see it in the tab, you can get one from killing Antlion or giving it a Beach Toy. Otherwise, make sure your mods aren't conflicting with the recipe. I skimmed the log and you seem to be using a few.