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  1. I think we should argue less about the differences between DS and DST and more about *who* would watch and stream DS and DST. It's both true that the games play similarly and that they have vastly different content, so people would have a reason to be interested in both. On the other side, I do want the games to be distinguishable and not to be considered one and the same, because they're not. As long as there's an easy way to tell what the streamer is playing I would be all for this idea, the tag system Fortnite uses sounds good! As a big fan of DS, I would love to see more people stream it and play it. As an aspiring streamer myself, I would love to be able to show my love for DS to more people.
  2. The Cloud Seeder is a new structure crafted from Shroom Skin and a Fleshy Bulb. It looks like a big puffball mushroom, with a small opening at the top. The blueprint for it is obtained from killing Toadstool. This structure has 2x2 inventory slots, but only Spores can be put inside. The Cloud Seeder can be hit by players as if it was a mob, but it can never be killed. Instead, the point of hitting it is that every hit will shoot a Spore from its opening into the sky, consuming the spore. Each Spore released this way will make the next rain happen a little bit sooner, similar to using the Telelocator Staff. The idea for this item is that it would give players another reason to kill Toadstool, a boss that a lot of people find the drops to be underwhelming, give Spores more uses (which tie in with Funcaps, dropped by the same boss) and let players have some control over the weather. Rain is very useful when it comes to using electric damage which DST seems to have a bigger focus on (with Electric Darts and Volt Goat Chaud-Froid) but it's also a global way to prevent wildfires from happening, rather than limited ways like an Ice Flingomatic or the sandstorm. Speaking of wildfires, I mentioned the Telelocator Staff has a similar function of making the next rain happen sooner, but during Summer this means about ~20 uses of it for a single rain, which is incredibly expensive, especially considering rain doesn't last very long in summer sometimes. Spores would be a more reasonable but also more interesting cost. The idea behind the name is that it's something that literally does "cloud seeding", which means releasing chemicals in the clouds to cause rain. In this case it's even more literal than that, releasing actual "seeds" (spores) into the clouds. I've had this idea floating around my head for a long time, even if it doesn't make it into the game I hope you found it interesting~ Thank you for reading
  3. I would absolutely love this, crafting boards in large amounts wouldn't be so bad anymore
  4. +rep, is number one big chungus fan

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  5. I kinda forgot about this thread, here's a few more pieces I made recently
  6. A Carrat colored from eating seeds, which can only happen during the Year of the Carrat, will crash the game when it goes in your inventory outside of that event. Crash log attached. client_log.txt
  7. hi! I'm an aspiring pixel artist and I love don't starve, so I decided to practice on don't starve stuff! the new winter's feast recipes looked really cool so I decided to try drawing all of them (not too happy with a few of them but oh well!) I guess I might post some more stuff if I end up making it, I might also accept some suggestions on what to draw next because why not!
  8. Wurt's affinity for fish (either gaining sanity from carrying a live one or losing sanity from carrying a dead one, the latter having priority over the former) seems very buggy when backpacks are involved. If you carry both and move them to and from a backpack, it seems almost random whether or not you gain, lose or nothing happens to your sanity.
  9. For some reason characters take longer to shoot darts one after the other. This has started happening since the Hook, Link, Inker beta so I recorded a video in both the beta and live version for proof. live.mp4 beta.mp4
  10. I know, that's why I said "they're not enough", but I suppose I should have been more descriptive for the sake of helping the developers. I'm reporting it as a bug because it's probably not intentional, the recipe already was rarely worth it because of the ingredients, now it feels like it will almost never be used.
  11. Now that the fish from ponds gives fish morsels, 2 of them with 2 frog legs aren't enough for the fish cordon bleu recipe.