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  1. Wurt's affinity for fish (either gaining sanity from carrying a live one or losing sanity from carrying a dead one, the latter having priority over the former) seems very buggy when backpacks are involved. If you carry both and move them to and from a backpack, it seems almost random whether or not you gain, lose or nothing happens to your sanity.
  2. For some reason characters take longer to shoot darts one after the other. This has started happening since the Hook, Link, Inker beta so I recorded a video in both the beta and live version for proof. live.mp4 beta.mp4
  3. I know, that's why I said "they're not enough", but I suppose I should have been more descriptive for the sake of helping the developers. I'm reporting it as a bug because it's probably not intentional, the recipe already was rarely worth it because of the ingredients, now it feels like it will almost never be used.
  4. Now that the fish from ponds gives fish morsels, 2 of them with 2 frog legs aren't enough for the fish cordon bleu recipe.
  5. It's called Moon Moth Figure Sketch as an item, but Butterfly Figure Sketch in the crafting tab.
  6. The swamp

    Hmm, that's true. A no maintenance option could be scaled flooring though. It slows down the spread of fire heavily, so a single seed on fire wouldn't do anything to the reeds.
  7. The swamp

    No regrowth mechanic. But also see below. Reeds, like many other wild plants, can't start wildfires. Other examples are planted carrots, cactus, not withered grass/saplings/berry bushes, spiky bushes, mushrooms, planted mandrakes, etc. Obviously these things can still be set on fire in other ways, but at least if you play with people you trust and are careful with more predictable things like red hounds, your reeds will be safe even in summer. Though I believe spiky trees can start wildfires, so make sure the fire won't spread to reeds.
  8. 1) Spider Dens stacked on top of each other, which normally shouldn't be possible (well, I know it technically is but it's too much of a hassle). This means spiders will be more easily aggroed since they're all close to each other. 2) Permanent night. Your whole video lasts more than an in-game day, that never happens in any season on default settings. 3) You're still using more resoruces than Woodie would for the Kitschy Moose idol. Moggles, Thulecite Suits and a Ham Bat is way more than a bunch of Monster Meat and Grass. 4) Weremoose would probably be about the same in a scenario like this too, if not better. If you're trying to make a point, I don't see it. Either way, Abigail and Weremoose each have their own merits and work very differently, it's silly to argue about it. It doesn't matter if one is better than the other most of the time, the game isn't always so straight forward and people have fun in different ways. I'm sure the video was trying to convey exactly that, even considering how silly it was at doing that.
  9. R.I.P

    I've been having a lot of fun playing the game so honestly, I wouldn't even mind starting over and doing things differently (I kinda regret the way I've built certain things). Aside from that, it wouldn't even be that big of a loss since world hopping exists so I get to keep most of my resources. Also, I'm not basing in Hamlet or not even using it for anything other than world hopping for its resources which means that if they do change anything about Hamlet world gen, I'll just world hop again and get to experience the new content anyway. So please, don't act as if I'm opposed to the idea of new content. I absolutely adore this game and I'd love to see more, it's just unlikely at this point though in my opinion.
  10. R.I.P

    All this dev has stated is that their current plan is no different than it has ever been: if they have something to announce, they will. This doesn't mean they do have something. It's not out of the question that there's nothing else coming for the game, just like something could actually be coming. Please don't act as if what the dev said confirms anything. Here's the exact quote: This is the most typical PR answer we could ever get. We already knew (or should already have known) what the dev said. Hamlet in its current state IS finished and even if this can be sad or disappointing for some people, it's the truth. Maybe we'll get a Home Sea Home kind of update if Klei thinks it's necessary, but again, nothing is confirmed.
  11. Yeah I've been having the same issues and I'm 99% sure it used to be possible in DST. Other things like Slurpers used to be drawable and they're not anymore either. Dunno when or why that was changed, but I'd love to have it back.
  12. Most inventory items can be haunted, making it so they're launched away from the ghost, but Lune Tree Blossoms can't be haunted at all.