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  1. It's totally possible, just add to the filter table. Right now it's just {"DECOR"}, but you can do {"DECOR", "TOOLS", "LIGHT", "WINTER"} etc. Just make sure to space them with a comma inbetween like I did in the example.
  2. Tabs no longer exist and filters need to be sent in a table. Also, any extra data, like amount, atlas or image is sent differently now. Let's look at the AddRecipes2 function that IronHunter shared from a Klei post: First two arguments are the same as usual, name and ingredients. Next one is tech instead of tab, because tabs no longer exist. Then config is a table for any kind of data that before this update you used to send as extra arguments after everything else, like 4 for the amount or the atlas and image paths. Finally, we have filters, which need to be sent in a table too. Let me give you an example of how your recipe needs to be written: AddRecipe2("turf_lawn", {Ingredient("cutgrass",2), Ingredient("nitre", 1)}, TECH.TURFCRAFTING_ONE, {numtogive = 4, atlas = "images/inventoryimages/turfimg.xml", image = "turf_lawn.tex" }, {"DECOR"}) If you have more questions, feel free to quote me or @ me!
  3. When dropping an Empty Bottle, it looks like it has a message inside until it reaches the ground, then it properly looks empty. Furthermore, if dropped in the ocean, picked up and dropped on land, the animation used when it's dropping is sideways. Looking at prefabs/messagebottle.lua, these issues are caused by the function ListenForEvent at line 169 trying to listen to the event "ondropped_empty" to run the function "ondropped", instead of the event "ondropped" to run the function "ondropped_empty". Additionally, Empty Bottles use the "idle" animation by default instead of "idle_empty" (line 147), which causes similar problems to the first issue when spawning a bottle in.
  4. Crafting Firecrackers normally gave 3, but after this beta they only give 1 now.
  5. Crafting Thulecite Walls normally gave 6, but after this beta they only give 1 now.
  6. Yes, absolutely, they're declared in modmain above where I'm trying to use RegisterInventoryItemAtlas. I'm also using those same assets elsewhere so I'm sure they work.
  7. RegisterInventoryItemAtlas just won't work for me, I put it in modmain and it does nothing. I tried putting it after the Assets and also after the Prefabs. No crash, nothing in the client_log that I can tell. RegisterInventoryItemAtlas("images/inventory/recycle_inv.xml", "recyclescrap.tex") This is what I'm doing, I'm sure the Atlas and Image name are correct, I was using them already to manually assign the image where relevant (inventory image, recipe ingredient, etc.), but then I found out about this method which would be less tedious and make Mini Signs work. I also tried going with the Prefab name instead (the same minus the .tex), which is what a comment in modutil recommends, but still nothing.
  8. I was feeling bad for taking such a roundabout approach, but that's reassuring. Thank you for the help!
  9. I need to know the _moistureceil and _moisturefloor values for my mod to calculate how much moisture is needed to currently start rain, but I can't figure out how to access the latter normally. The _moistureceil is very easy to get from TheWorld.state.moistureceil, but the other is missing in components\worldstate for some reason. I was able to use the upvalue hacker to get _moisturefloor through the GetDebugString() of the weather components, but I feel like there has to be a better way.
  10. When the Grainy Transmission (Wagstaff) has an Energetic Static and it gets destroyed or he successfully contains the power, it drops a soul if a Wortox is nearby.
  11. I'm experiencing this too so I wanna add to this: it seems to only happen when the item you pick up goes to your backpack. it doesn't always happen so I'm not sure how to reproduce it sadly. it started happening when Eye of the Storm went live. I hope the extra info can help
  12. no I know how it works and I mean what I said. the crystals are literally not visible on the character's head (and they were visible before the latest hotfix). thank you for video proof!
  13. The englithened crown is invisible when equipped on a character's head and their sanity is lower than 85%
  14. What the title says, the Malbatross Bill is flammable, it really feels like it shouldn't be, especially for a boss drop.