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  1. Endless Bosses

    Are you an unsuspecting newbie who stumbled upon this mod while perusing the mod files? Turn back now! This mod will obliterate you within minutes. This is a challenge mod for a series that I'm doing on YT, and I've only uploaded this to the site so that people can play along if they want to. I did include some config options though, so check those out if you want to give yourself some leeway. 
    What does the mod do? Immediately upon spawn, and every so often based on a timer (around 15 minutes by default), the game will randomly choose one of several bosses to spawn (all of the giants, including the Spiderqueen and varg -- excluding Treeguards, Ancient Guardian, and Quacken because they'd just be a blessing). 
    No problem? You'll just run away? No you won't because 3 points will be detracted from your health for every second that you're too far from the boss. You must deal with the boss that's been spawned or you're a goner. 
    You'll just feast off the endless stacks of giant meat? Nope again. The only thing you're allowed to eat is raw farm food. No crockpot foods. No meat or berries. Not even carrots or sweet potatoes because you can find those in the wild and that'd just be too easy. The only allowable foods are raw/cooked eggplant, corn, pumpkin, watermelon, pomegranate, durian, and dragonfruit. 
    Better gather up every seed you can find and stock up for winter because it'll be a long 16 days without food. Just don't let bearger near your fridge. 




  2. Bingo!

    Play BINGO in Don't Starve!
    Bingo is a game that has 25 tiles in a 5x5 grid. To win, you must complete 5 consecutive tiles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; in Don't Starve, that means collecting, crafting, or building whatever's in the tile. 
    randomized BINGO board tracking of tile completion and wins (with a little animation upon winning) client-only mod -- works on any server customizable difficulty  settings to include/exclude items from mods, caves, ruins, etc saves your current board and progress when the world is saved or when you log out ability to see the bingo seed and input custom seeds to get identical boards ability to create a custom list for the board (advanced) controller support special compatibility with Minimap HUD and Combined Status  
    Click the bolt that pops up when hovering over the board to open the menu.
    The default toggle key to open/close the board is 'v'.
    Don't Starve Together Controls:
    Misc Menu 3 to open/close the board for controllers.
    Misc Menu 4 to open/close the menu for controllers.
    Don't Starve Controls:
    'Debug Menu' to open/close the board for controllers.
    'B' to open/close the menu for controllers.
    This standalone is compatible with every iteration of Don't Starve: Vanilla, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve Together. 
    I'm only posting this here because I'm vaguely aware of this thing called GOG that people apparently use, so this special version is just for them. If you have steam, you're better off downloading it from the steam workshop:
    Don't Starve Steam Version
    Don't Starve Together Steam Version
    More links:
    Main Forum Thread
    Introduction Video (explains things that I skimmed over)
    She helped test the mod to make sure there's no game-breaking bugs that I missed. Thanks, Genie!
    I asked a question in the forums about differentiating between modded and default items so that I could add the option of including modded items, and I used Rez's solution. Thanks again Rez!
    CarlZalph and DarkXero
    I was having difficulty getting DST clients to save their data on any random server, and both of these guys helped me resolve that issue on the forums. Most people play as clients in DST, so it would have sucked if the majority of people couldn't save their boards or progress. Huge thanks to these guys!
    The developers of TooManyItems
    I studied their TooManyItems mod and used their method of resolving modded item icon paths, their method of positioning item slots, and other bits and bobs. 
    The awesome developers over at Klei!
    If I'm giving credit, it'd be silly not to thank these fine folks. Without them, this would just be some incredibly lame internet bingo game based on ... numbers! Sure, numbers are pretty cool, but not quite as fun as a frog-rain bonanza!
    What does "Stay at TR" mean in the config options?
    Bingo's default board location is top right, but since minimap HUD is such a popular mod, and its default location is exactly the same as mine, I made a check to see if minimap HUD is enabled, and if so then I force Bingo's location to be compatible with minimap's default even if the config is set to top right; I'm betting ~90% of people never go into the mod configs, and when they see that the bingo board is covering their minimap, they'll be upset and disable it. "Stay at TR" is for people who actually pay attention to configs, and it overrides my forced compatibility (you can go into minimap's config and change its location).

    How do I select things in the settings menu with a controller?
    When you open the menu, I restore mouse functionality back to you, so you can make your selections with the mouse, then when you're satisfied, close the menu and controller functionality is toggled back on. If you're unsure about what an item is, you can hover over it with the mouse at this point to see. You can open and close the bingo board  at your leisure with the controller, but when you want to reset the board you just have to use the mouse. That's not too bad, right?

    I entered in the same seed as my friend, but we got different boards.
    You must also have the same difficulty selected and checkboxes checked in order to get the same board. Don't forget to check the custom seed checkbox in the lower left either.

    Custom seed doesn't work at all.
    Don't forget to click the custom seed checkbox on.

    It doesn't work. I got an error message. 
    I'm gonna need more info than that in order to do anything. Post your log, error message, and relevant details in the bug reports thread below.
    Known DST bugs:
    Currently in DST you will get different overworld and cave boards. Make sure to log/save before heading in/out of caves or your progress or board won't be saved. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully I can fix this soon.
    Known DS bugs:
    The board will not update if a new inventory item goes to your backpack. This is caused by a bug in the base game. Klei knows about it, and will hopefully update DS soon.


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