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  1. Hey there, I game the Hamlet expansion a try for the first day and I noticed a little issue. If the character's sanity is low enough for shadow creatures to appear (but not attack), the Royal Guardian pigs seem to be able to sense their presence due to the dialog they keep saying (like "KILL KILL KILL") , and they keep running around in circle trying to intercept the "enemy". They don't appear to be trying to attack, as I do not hear the usual sound effect that indicates an attack, but they keep running around and spouting out dialogue like they are trying to get close to attack. I think this is most likely a bug, as no other mobs prior to this point in the series have been able to sense the presence of shadow creatures, and I don't see why the Royal Guardians would keep trying to attack something that doesn't even have a physical manifestation in their eyes. I'm getting sick of their jingling around trying to attack something that I can't even attack. I don't know what happens if your sanity gets low enough that shadow creatures can attack, but I assume the Royal Guardians try to attack them as well.