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  1. Scribbly nonsense (fanart thread)

    I should have been doing maths, but oh well. LET'S SET EVERYTHING ON FIAAHH!
  2. Scribbly nonsense (fanart thread)

    Thank you! Wilson is very cool indeed... more than he wants to be in Winter ;D //hugs back//
  3. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    Gdi Wilson, if only you'd worn the amulet to heal your own wounds first, then used it to revive Woodie D:
  4. Scribbly nonsense (fanart thread)

    Very frosty indeed. Thank you!
  5. Scribbly nonsense (fanart thread)

    Thank you! (I'm thoroughly enjoying your art and comics too! You've drawn so much X3 so I'm barely one fifth of a way through your thread! And so far I love what I'm seeing
  6. Have a cold Wilson Because I can
  7. (Literature and some Art) Wilson's Journal

    Your writing is amazing! Please get back to this soon!