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  1. Wil mod for DST

    Hey! its a year since i havent uploaded a mod and theres this one guy who is asking for the DST version of this OP character (i have tweaked him alittle to make it balanced) now i just made the DST version of this character but theres a slight problem, im too lazy to type all of his speeches when examining and i cant seem to make the icon show up when u use the combined status and the global position mod so im using a character from a template to compensate and when inspecting self, it also shows the name as "Template (or something)" and it also has no picture under the name when inspecting self and the button to inspect self also im using the template's image anyways i think its a balanced character where food is really the issue it just drains so fast but he hits hard and has an insane amount of health, and the original mod was created using just plain notepad and the "paint" application i dont use any kind of spriter so just deal with the art and i will be working on the icons and maybe im going to make him dapper since his sanity is 150, leave a comment on how to balance him, i will be releasing updates regarding the art




  2. Glitch

    Hi guys so this is my second mod called glitch, glitch is a.......... glitch?
    by the way it was so hard making this mod it crashes me all the time when testing it but the result was pleasant
    this mod will not have any updates cuz i dont know what to update in this mod so it's exeptional to follow this post
    the link will bring you to this post or to my last mod called "wil mod" it is my very first mod so go check it out!
    thx for downloading and seeing this post


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  3. Wil Mod

    Hi guys so this is my first custom character he is Wil (From Battle Bears) and he is always hungry but also hits hard,dapper and also very fast. but he will starve if you do not feed him regulary. my arts are not that good so dont hate pls. again he is very quick at losing sanity and hunger so eh... don't starve
    this is the update log it is used to see the updates of this mod the more bellow it is the more updated it is
    for ex.
    wil a
    wil b
    wil b is more updated!
    and the text typed in BOLD is the name that will display at the download menu
    Update log : Fixed start inv. now he starts with something that will rly help! + he is dapper now
    (wil Fixed start inv and dapperness.rar)
    Update log : Fixed textures using hats and added better big portraits
    (wil fixed textures added big portraits.rar)
    Update log : Textures refixed!
    (wilTexture REFIXED.rar)(sorry for the spam but textures needs to be fixed )
    Update log : Balanced Sanity and Hunger drop rate
    (wil sanity and hunger balanced.rar)
    Update log : balanced stats
    (wil balanced.rar)
    Update log : Added custom speech (well most of it) and custom minimap icon (i know you guys don't like my art it's ok you can edit it if you make this mod as a template of your own mod i will support that i only know some codes though not all but again thx if you download it)
    (wil custom speech and minimap icon.rar)