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  1. Is there any kind soul out there who is able to fix those two things, which are actually one...? I just can't do it. And when it's fixed the mod would be perfectly fine imho.
  2. Another bug i noticed: Even though it's a local function in the modmain.lua... in line 387 When i play with a totaly different character and press the "x" key the character says I can't smell anything. Even though Inuyasha is not even in the same world (i play solo in dst). modmain.lua
  3. I inserted the following code (bold) into the character.lua. It seems to work at first: moggle vision is active, the character changes into state 2 and moggle vision is canceled but than the mogglevision function stops working completely and doesn't do anything anymore no matter what state i am in.
  4. I'll take a look at it and thank you for the kind words. Regarding the support of others... i hope so. ps: in my opinion the simplest way of fixing this little bug would be: When state 2 or state 3 triggers the "standart" vision activates. Or the vision is reset to standart. But i just don't know the code for that (maybe) simple function.
  5. Sadly i got to report back that your faith in me, and myself, seemed to be misplaced Even though i learned a lot and understand more and more how things work, i am still unable to translate that in an actual working format. I tried everything i could think of and that was quite a lot... Even reading some more about functions in general like here: But still to no avail. I tried setting different functions from the mogglevision code in modmain.lua to false in the quenyecha.lua ... error i tried to tell states 3 and 2 to simply don't use the "nightvision_colourcubes" when triggered... error I tried to reverse the mogglevision function from modmain in the transformstates in quanyecha... error As it stands now i still do lack the knowledge what needs to be where and how it must be written exactly for that case to do what i want. I think i am not on the wrong track completely, but it still is quite frustrating that i still can't fix it myself. I get a feeling i would need a lot more time on my hands for this to work out properly than i have right now. I hope you are not as dissapointed as myself at this point and still wanna gimme the right example of how it should be done to work, because i still love this character so much and playing around with it, trying to improve things (that i am actual capable of). I surely should refrain from doing to complicated things that demand a knowledge only you guys here possess.
  6. Ok i know what i wanna do but not exactly how. I wanna make a variable for mogglevision. (or use one thats already there, if i can figure that out) After that i just use this variable (like: inst.mogglevision) and simply set this to "false" under the Transformstates 2 and 3 in the quanyecha.lua. example of idea: inst.transformstate = 3 inst.mogglevision:enable(false) In my mind this would make it so when state 2 or 3 triggers the mogglevision gets canceled regardless if already active. ps: i am only recently able to even have such thoughts because of all the stuff i learned today. Yes this is a compliment
  7. Thank you Ultroman, and you are absolutely right. I just thought i already structured it but you showed me how to improve. thanks a lot. i am not sure if i'll figure it out myself but won't try it today either way ^^. I am busted and my brain hurts XD. Still i want to fix it... and i hope i can ask again if i can't figure it out. but like i said, it's enough for a day. It's still an improved version so i reuploaded it:
  8. holy crap... you are my hero(ine) Finally. And i even understand why now. Thank you oh so very very much for everything. I hope you have a great day and get some similar satisfying feelings like myself right now. I am so glad. Even though it's easy for you my head hurts ^^. But i also feel like i learned a lot. And i am just happy the mod works and is (imho) massively improved with this feature. And for anybody who might need it here is the final and correct code (with the return near the end ): Little bug i noticed. When i am in State 1 and have mogglevision active and then change states the vision stays activated no matter what i do. I understand that the keyfunction just doesn't work anymore because thats intended. But how can i make it so mogglevision gets canceled no matter if its activated or not when the other states trigger? I think i need something that just does the opposite of "return" in this case. Or just a function that cancels mogglevision when he is in State 2 or State 3.
  9. This is what i got now, and no matter how hard i think about it i just can't figure out why it's working in reverse as it is supposed to. I even tried with "if not..." but that didn't help. I tried a lot of other combinations too but i still can't make it work the right way. So, please... would you be so kind to tell me what this last step is that i am doing wrong? please. He says "i can smell it" in the right state he says "i can't smell anything" in the right sate But why is the function in reverse? Why does the moggle vision work now in state 3 and does not work in state 1?
  10. This is what i did and you won't believe it ... IT WORKS! but in reverse XD He is saying what he is supposed to say but now the mogglevision works NOT in TransformState 1 , but in Transform state 3 O_o I am so close in getting it to work. I just don't know where to put the return and what it does here. I tried your link. thank you for that. But i am not sure how long it will take for me to get to the point where i understand what i need to know.
  11. This is what i tried but it didn't work. But maybe you can see what i tried to do.
  12. I was so happy i jumped around because i felt like i had accomplished something, even though it was all your work and i simply try to understand what you are doing Sadly it doesn't work. The moggle-vision is still available in all forms. I tried to insert a if inst.TransformState == 2 then nil but that just resulted in error. I thought maybe when i tell the togglemogglerpc function to not be usable when transformstate 2 or 3 are up it would work. But i don't know how the code must be like for that and just took a guess. i hope you are not getting tired because of my inability to manage so little by myself .
  13. It surely doesn't sound that difficult when you are explaining it. And again i can't thank you enough for doing this. I am so happy that i understand how you handled it to call the variable (transformstate) in the togglemogglerpc function. Sadly what i still do not know is how i can store said state in such a variable like inst.TransformState = 1. Do i just insert this under the inst.AnimState:SetBuild("quanyecha") in quanyecha.lua to make it work? And then put inst.TransformState = 0 under the other two inst.AnimState:Setbuild("quanyecharenlei") and inst.AnimState:SetBuild("quanyecharumo")? I tried it like this but it didn't work. I also tried what i said previously. Both didn't work. The mogglevision is still usable in all forms.
  14. Your first one works just fine, the same as before. I get what you are talking about. But your second correction about the keydownhandler gives me an error in this line: GLOBAL.TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(GLOBAL["KEY_"..MOGGLE_KEY], function() it's not really an issue because it works just fine with your first correction. I think i understand what i might have to do to make another key event like this, and i thank you very very much for explaining to me which parts i would need. But i still don't get the original code that was used for the weapon change key. Any insights on my question about the "charactername".lua (quanyecha.lua)? is it possible to only make this mogglevision available when the character is in state quenyecha? I would love to do this and when the char is in one of the other states give out the phrase that he can't use it right now.
  15. ok i'll better stop before i mess it up completely, but i can't figure out how to make both keys work. When i use the old structure i can use the weapon key just fine but only "X" activates the moggle-vision, can't change it, no more options ingame. When i switch to the nicely new code for the modinfo.lua the mogglevisionkey is configurable and works fine, but the weapon change no longer works even though i still got the options menu to change it ingame. I found this in the modmain.lua I just don't understand why there is a "key7" Variable in the modinfo.lua BUT here it is a written Keyseven and the following getmodconfigdata("key7") is not working anymore. ----------------------------- I got both of them to work now, but as a result my modinfo.lua now is a mess of both the new and old :/ modinfo.lua