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  1. Questions about The Forge items

    I have attached the screenshots. It's the ensemble button. I assume that I get the Sleepy Emote for free if I manage to acquire the jammie set, correct?
  2. Questions about The Forge items

    Ok this explains a lot. Yea I was referring to that thread btw. Yea sure I'll send you a screenshot when I get back home.
  3. Hello, I read somewhere here that you have to pay about $54 to get all the event items however I only see the $12 deal for the Gladiator sets. What do I get if I paid $54 instead of $12? Why am I not able to sell ANY of the items that I unlocked so far? Do they become marketable after the event is over? There are so many item tiers and items labeled with event/limited time use. It's really confusing. Can I get a quick explanation? I think when I clicked a button that was supposed to allow me create an item using spool, I was presented with a popup that had some other items in and I couldn't do anything. How does that work? Did I stumble upon an item that gets unlocked for free if I collect x number of other items? Thanks and sorry if it's been answered else where. I tried checking the wiki but I couldn't find much info earlier.
  4. I know about the Methues and Cyclum puzzles and the items they give. Are there any other puzzles I can claim their items?
  5. Any word from the developers whether there is a possibility that they bring Shipwreck to DST or not?
  6. App for items

    I said I hope it is Worked like a charm. Sorry if I seemed a bit of a noob here. I've never used Lua before I REALLY appreciate your help. Hope you have a nice day.
  7. App for items

    I replied to you at the same time So yea, is it possible to convert it to JSON?
  8. App for items

    @alainmcd Found it in the strings.lua. Is it possible to convert that into JSON as well?
  9. App for items

    THANKS A LOT. For some reason they didn't get validated in other websites. But yea they work well now. Last question I hope, do you know how the items' real names are mapped in game to the ones in the lua/json? You know, saddle_basic is mapped to "Saddle".
  10. App for items

    The one for Recipes isn't working. I get an error in the console saying that variable Recipes isn't declared. Also the foods.json, for some reason all online JSON validators don't like it.
  11. App for items

    Dumb question, any idea how or where I can use the json.lua to convert the recipe files? Do I do it from the game's console?
  12. App for items

    Actually there are no food recipes here. I'm so blind :S Do those exist else where?
  13. App for items

    Oh my bad I accidentally saw the food recipes only and I thought that's all that is in the file. It does have all the items. That's perfect I hope. Thanks a lot for pointing that out
  14. App for items

    What about the craft-able items?
  15. Hello, I was thinking about making an app with all the craftable items and food recipes so that the user can "check/queue" items that they want to craft and the app would give them the total materials required. The reason why I want to build such app is that I often tend to waste my days being confused about what I should gather next and since I'm speaking about Don't Starve Together in particular, it gets more frustrating because we can't really pause the game. So yea, after googling a bit I didn't find a similar app/web app. My question is, does Klei provide an API/JSON file with all the items that exist? I highly doubt it. What about the wiki? Am I able to access its data freely in a formatted way? What if I'm gonna build my own JSON for all the items, am I allowed to use the wiki's images for free? Thanks and I hope someone from Klei takes a look at this