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  1. Questions about The Forge items

    I have attached the screenshots. It's the ensemble button. I assume that I get the Sleepy Emote for free if I manage to acquire the jammie set, correct?
  2. Questions about The Forge items

    Ok this explains a lot. Yea I was referring to that thread btw. Yea sure I'll send you a screenshot when I get back home.
  3. Hello, I read somewhere here that you have to pay about $54 to get all the event items however I only see the $12 deal for the Gladiator sets. What do I get if I paid $54 instead of $12? Why am I not able to sell ANY of the items that I unlocked so far? Do they become marketable after the event is over? There are so many item tiers and items labeled with event/limited time use. It's really confusing. Can I get a quick explanation? I think when I clicked a button that was supposed to allow me create an item using spool, I was presented with a popup that had some other items in and I couldn't do anything. How does that work? Did I stumble upon an item that gets unlocked for free if I collect x number of other items? Thanks and sorry if it's been answered else where. I tried checking the wiki but I couldn't find much info earlier.
  4. Map Sharing is broken

    Add my voice as well I would really love being able to share my map with my friends even after disconnecting.