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  1. Bees become aggressive during Spring that means Bee Queen is practically an off shot to Spider Queen who is sort of a mini-boss, (Lord Mosquito) On the other hand I think that the pets are probably going to be like smallbirds, they become more rebellious as they grow up and end up like Tall birds whcih will peck you if you get near them... That would be sad seeing Puppies become hounds and start chasing you around...very sad... I hope Klei really doesn't do something like that
  2. Is it me or does the Bee Queen look like Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers?
  3. I think its a structure....
  4. People socialize here more then talk about anything klei related...probably...

    1. PhelsarusBeel


      That's just the gist of how Forums go. You put a bunch of people with very similar interests in a room and it's bound to create a social aspect.

      Heck there's a reason we sometimes joke about the Klei forums also being an excellent Datingsite.

      And it's not like we're forced to only talk bout Klei related things here heck Off-Topic exists for a reason. As does the RP section and a couple of others.

    2. SepiaPaper


      well from my experience on many forums, Klei Forums have something very special about them that make them likeable to such things..

  5. ding ding ding ding....ding ding ding ding
  6. forgets

    *Beep boop*

  7. so it was a rock...way to go Klei...way to go....
  8. its a structure cause there is Grass under it
  9. latest?cb=20151110165537

    Caption this please

    1. Auth


      Strong giant beats man and his log

    2. Mobbstar


      "Bud Spender: Fists Ahoi"

      JK! "playing Reign of Giants for the first time"

    3. SepiaPaper


      Guardian Boar vs Wilson

  10. its maybe the Frog king...or a Structure that looks similar to the Siesta Lean-to
  11. meow

    1. SepiaPaper


      well that was quick...

  12. What?? No follows??? why? will I sarcastically annoy others now???