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  1. I think there is mod that removes his blurred vision....I think
  2. Untitled.thumb.png.7834ddb8b1f2fd7dc9d985e03ff3ff4f.png

    my numbers grow!

    soon enough, I shall be everywhere!

  3. *works for days inorder to make a fancy animation of character teleporting* *never once played with the said character* I don't know if I should scold you or praise you
  4. wow! Thank you very much! although haven't you played with the character and noticed this effect yet tho?
  5. nope, its a feature, he starts glitching out of existence the lesser health he as as its related to his usage of Teleportation Technology. even the wiki confirms it that is unique feature to this character That's why I thought maybe you can look in the files and see how the glitch effect even appears.
  6. I was hoping you could get it for me, the wiki had an GIF but due to some new wiki related upgrades it got removed and became a JPG instead. the more lower health he has, the more he starts fuzzing and glitching
  7. @watermelen671 I would also love it if you can get the animation of when Wagstaff's at low health and is glitching, it has levels at which the glitching become more prominent. hope its not too much work for you and Thank you very much for your hard work!
  8. How to reset the aporkalypse?

    you can try. Try anything that can work and help you out. or we could just have the following options in World Gen for Aporkalypse: Permanent: Same as current Aporkalypse after Day 60 Temporary: Aporkalypse acts a like season that starts at Day 60 and stops at Day 120 and so forth OFF: no Aporkalypse
  9. How to reset the aporkalypse?

    currently there is no solution to this, you either have to rest the calendar yourself after day 60 or get to HAM before day 60.
  10. Red and Blue Gems

    oh yeah,forgot about that
  11. Red and Blue Gems

    you can cause an earthquake by just hitting any pillar only once, when the earthquake stops, do it again hitting it once. this can allow you to have even more chances then before. I've also found another method, Mant Queen, she can cause Earthquakes by smashing the ground over and over again. so you leave while earthquake happens, return to collect the minerals and let the Mant Queen cause an Earthquake again. but you will have to deal with Warriors so there is that disadvantage.
  12. Red and Blue Gems

    There is a high chance of finding gems from mining stalagmites inside cave clefts, the other option is to hit an unimportant pillar ONLY ONCE to cause an earthquake inside both Ruins and Cave Clefts, which will cause minerals to drop on the ground, you have a chance of getting gems that way as well. you can repeat the process until the pillar gets mined. and the final option are hidden chambers inside ruins, they always have gems inside them. I suggest you go for the Stalagmites first and then hidden chambers. save the pillars for later.
  13. Great Progress!

    its a joke dude about Klei's development process for DS, they appear to be making fixes and enhancements to the original big car. but instead they literally make an entire new smaller car pop out (DLC) which everyone then becomes proud of. well it plays both way, so it can be supported : D
  14. Great Progress!

    Klei updates Don't Starve with new content and patches: @JoeW we are soo proud~
  15. Easier transportation?

    Telelocator is the confirmed method. set one beside the Aporkalypse Calender Ruins, one near each of the two cities and one near the Fountain of youth if required by you. It's probably the reason why there are no wormholes and instead a dark well that poops Purple gems like no tomorrow which you can mostly use on the telelocator focus. You can also find a Lazy Explorer Staff in the hidden rooms inside any ruins, but it only works if two islands are close enough for you to teleport to.