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  1. What does the new shop do?

    I thought you were better in English. I am disappoint.. Google is to blame
  2. well the Scaled Furnace only provides infinite heat and you can cook on it as well. same as a Magma Pool minus setting you on fire.
  3. I think they will add all of them in time, they just put the Tinker shop a few days ago in a small update without any announcements either. so obviously they are still somewhat "testing" it out. our reactions are helping them aswell.
  4. shouldn't you be asking for the Scaled furnace? and I personally would love to have Blue Prints for all Ancient/Obsidian Crafts cause those are really the biggest deal in a Tinker Shop. and the Tinker shop is like more of a gimmick rather then a reasonable Shop where you can get what you really need.
  5. Wx-78 is OP

    going wee woo wee woo wu wu wu wu
  6. more like a cringe mining thread (no offense) the jokes are horrible...I know
  7. Wx-78 is OP

    I haven't heard of that either, the only characters I know that have increased damage modifiers is Wolfgang and Wigfrid. (Woodie/Wilba can be counted as well but they require a special condition which is not "Character" like)
  8. Wagstaff will be your man for that cause he is Winona's Boss, He might WILL probably have the Engineering tab with him and he IS probably the DS counterpart to Winona in DST. (Lore wise its quite good)
  9. Wx-78 is OP

    I completely forgot about Float Boaty Cops spawning after you killed anything in the water, we need Floaty Boaty Pond Cops now!
  10. Wx-78 is OP

    The easiest character in DS. is nothing compared to our Almighty and All Challenging WES!!!
  11. I meant it from the effort of balancing it with other things in DS. That Catapult is a very very powerful contraption in DST as you can use it to defeat Toadstool without doing anything entirely thru the fight. and even the Ancient Fuel Weaver is made easy it cause the catapults target those shadow health critters with their AOE extra. So it will need a lot of balancing to become available to all characters in Singleplayer. OR just bring Winona in DS and make it fair entirely. p.s the other stuff like the Spot light is not very useful, infact when you can make Lamp posts in DS you don't even need those Spot lights anymore.
  12. its not a recipe(s), more of a Character specific mechanic. its like giving all the characters the ability to craft books like Wicketbottom. or Battle Spear and Battle Helm like Wigfrid. OR the almighty Lucky Hat of Woodlegs. and plus the Character is also only present in DST. I personally would like to have Winona in Regular DS and all of her abilities if possible.
  13. maybe they don't like sharp teeth or something
  14. That stuff is Winona only as well, its in a separate engineering tab for her which makes it impossible to add in DS unless a large amount of work is put into it.
  15. Birds stop spawning in Hamlet after 2 to 3 days, has this been fixed?