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  1. Sucks I already own a chester. Don't want to buy another one just for a skin. :/
  2. @PeterA Well i did instantly receive a gift containing a distinguished cocktail dress the next time i joined a server, could that have been it? I'm certain there was no item there in my inv before i joined a game.
  3. @PeterA Here is my client_log.txt from today, hope it can help. client_log.txt
  4. Unsure what a KU is unfortunately. Would just send my log.txt but it seems to be 2 days old for some reason and i couldn't get it to refresh.
  5. Not sure if this is related to you guys or Valve but thought i'd post this here anyway. I bought 9 spiffy items to trade up but it just kept erroring, items were not in my steam inventory for some reason so it could not use them. Relaunched the game and the items were eaten. Odd bug. I'll pop steam a support ticket.
  6. How do client hosted caves differ from the server slave setup other then just being easier to setup?
  7. Personally i'm all for marketable items, since you can get any quality item the drop system in this game is extremely fair compared to other market games with the $2.49 case systems where only the lowest quality is available for free and the rest is paid so it's incredibly hard to build your way up. Give it enough time and with a little luck you should be able to get everything you want, I see no issue here.
  8. Will we see player hosted overworld+caves worlds in the full release?