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  1. @PeterA I validated and found nothing wrong and had all mods disabled at the time of finding the bug and even just checked again. It still happens. It happens specifically to the wimpy form but I am wearing wolfgang's entire Gladiator skin set so that might be something to change.
  2. Visual glitch that happens to Wolfgang's wimpy form using the Gladiator Skin. POST EDIT: I apologize for how I set up the Gif, I have always had trouble posting pictures on this forum site.
  3. Add webber and wigfrid quotes pls. Kinda think this would have been done a LONG time ago.
  4. Update still didn't fix my ded server at all. I think it's more with the WAN ip address in my router but idk how to work around that.
  5. The port was already identical before at 11200 and wasn't even working before at 20050. I've been working for so long on it that I've almost essentially given up because @rtd has been helping me work on this the whole time and mine and his used to be identical.I'd been messing with the settings already and may have forgotten to change them back and even when they are normal the server still breaks! rtd now tells me it has to do with either the router or firewall and I think it's the firewall because both the servers are port forwarded and my slave server doesn't authenticate with steam correctly. So whenever someone enter the caves server it KICKS them and does not let them join back. I want someone to tell me either how to open ports in my firewall for the slave server or wait till either punch through connection is introduced for dedicated servers or the overworld and the caves are just one big double layer server. From what I can say besides the current mishap with master server port, there's nothing wrong. Just that my slave server does not connect to steam so it doesn't connect to other players.
  6. Here they are log Slave.txt settings Slave.ini log Master.txt settings Master.ini
  7. Thanks for the help for everyone that posted something but it seems that I'll either have to figure something else out or wait till another way of having both servers on is available
  8. It's allowed and port forwarded. I just don't know why it won't work!
  9. the problem is not that I CANNOT ENTER THE CAVES. it's the fact that OTHER PEOPLE CAN'T. I want to play multiplayer but I can't because the server does not work for other people.
  10. Both launched through batches.... and the firewall is not blocking the dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe... Edit, When the master server is launched from Steam. It doesn't have a problem authenticating but when it's launched through a batch, then it breaks.
  11. No it does not. The authentication is still failing
  12. EDIT: Whoops typed it in wrong, now it doesn't even do the "pause" command, instead it just starts the server as normal
  13. But that's exactly where it is. The program to start the server isn't located anywhere else other than that.
  14. Now it doesn't recognize dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe as a program or software