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  1. Might be a stupide question here, but do we report bugs for this particular beta on this topic or in the bug reports topic?
  2. I dont know what triggered it, but I got it too. I dont remember if it was raining when I entered the first time because, when I got out and it was raining, I did'nt found this peculiar at first, just thoughed "well, it started raining while I was inside". But then, it stopped raining a few minutes later and when I entered and exited another shop, it happended again. Now, it's been 5-6 days and every time I go in a building, when I leave it, it rain.
  3. I play on PC. In town, with Wendy, I entered a shop (the one wich sell stones and stuff, don't remember the name) and I bought nothing, and when I got out, the game crashed. It was during the day.
  4. Yep, me too, except for the farmers pig outside of town. In every game I made, every pig tell me to come back "tomorow", but no mather how long it has been, the never trade with me again...
  5. Got that one too. First, I put the "pig skins?" on the shelf and one of it becomes real pig skins. So i picked it up but at first, it came back as the "pig skin?" version. I put them back and this time, one of them is the real and the other the bat one, and when i picked them up, both came as real pig skins in my inventory. Happened in any places on the shelf. Oh and the snake skin displayed on the shelf appear as the shipwrecked version, red and black...
  6. I wonder if there will be some "puzzle elements" to discover about Hamlet in Don't starve, as they did before the launch of Shipwrecked! And by "wonder", I mean "wish", of course...
  7. Got this too! Killed two of them, then they all disappeared. Loaded the game back later, it did it again after the full moon night... Was day 7 first time and day 9 the second...
  8. I should have reloaded the game too, now that I think about it, reloading a game can some time get rid of some bugs.. Now I'm dead so I'll never know! XD
  9. I had the same issue, but I don't think i'ts because the whale is not ready, cause in my case, it has been easily seven days since I had killed it and it really had the look of a whale ready to explose! There was smoke and everything... But maybe when you go far away for a certain time, the evolution of the putrefaction slow or stop until you come back in the good range? I don't know... Well, my bad, I just went to the Wiki as stl1234 said and you were right, it was not ready yet. It is stage 2... So, you were right, the bug is really the proposition to "hack" but in that cas, what about the more than 7 days it took to go to the stage 2??
  10. I was retrieving a watery grave with Warly when a warning screen appeared, and my only option is to exit game