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  1. We adore you Loop! Good luck with everything, and congrats on the new job! You may not see this until you're back anyway, since I'm commenting so late... Anyway, we'll be here, whenever you get to return.
  2. I like the edited pages! Webcomics are unique in that previous publications can be retconned, so I honestly think it's pretty cool that you decided to take advantage of that to improve your story. Use every tool at your disposal! Huzzah! Also Jokul is the cutest thing... just after an angry Wilson in a Breezy Vest. I find his angry little face weirdly adorable. <3
  3. I recognized it as Wilson! Do I get a prize? ;D Side note, Wilson's legs-pose look great in this page, but his cloak looks a little too flat to be hanging off a chair. It kinda makes it look like he's awkwardly crouching. Some kind of line, wrinkle, plane change there might help? The jump to this image was also just a wee bit abrupt; I kind of expected another page with Wilson talking/arguing about "curing" Albert after the last page, and I think this page would've been better introduced if the new King had said something about Albert being a monster once and how it was still part of him. Just some friendly critiques! <3 Finally, amazing job on the foreshadowing for this. From Albert's weird deja-vu, to his partial transformation, to his aversion to light, there were lots of little hints. Looking back, that is. I didn't see this coming either, lol. But it shows how intentional this development was, how carefully planned, and I think that's really awesome. Looking forward to more!
  4. *squeaks excitedly because update * Wilson's totally gonna fall over and impale himself on his scientific materials again, isn't he?
  5. Precious floofy Chester of precious floofiness <3 This is fascinating and I can't wait for the next update For some reason I can't get the idea of Albert transforming into a were-bat-demon on the New Moon out of my head... like a reverse-were-bat or something, I guess? Idk I'm just really attached to the idea now
  6. Y'know, I defaulted to thinking Abigail's flower was a pink Lotus, but the chrysanthemum does seem more accurate. Huh. That flower hadn't occurred to me before.
  7. //screams about shipwrecked

  8. Thanksgiving family visits are over, so I have my bed back. Praise be.

  9. Because Wes is a delicate Manblossom, obviously. How did you miss the memo?
  10. Well Wilson's definitely angry again. I think we all know where this is going. I noticed Albert's transformation as well. Whazzat? Yellow eyes, pointed ears, fangy teeth, vein-explosion, his sideburns were crawling into his face (? I think?)... For some reason it reminds me of a bat. Probably not the intention. (I think it's the ears.) Also I just noticed: "here you are, safe and sound"-- did you not see the Merms, Albert? It's not exactly safe here, bud... Side note, I've never understood why people consider Wilson arrogant/high-and-mighty. Self-absorbed and bad with people, yeah, maybe a little reckless and naive, but not arrogant... imo anyway. What's up with the red petal-y things? Charlie? Also Wilson totally heard that, don't pretend, Wilson Awhhh, Webber. </3 Willow's totally about to punt Wilson, run little scientist run
  11. Wilson: *gets inexplicably angry* Albert: *gets angry at Wilson's inexplicable anger* Will Wilson become angry at Albert's anger at Wilson's inexplicable anger? Find out next time on Resumptus!
  12. (I'm 100% expecting a fight, or Wilson to just turn around and sneak away, either getting caught and dragged back to camp or successfully sneaking and disappearing for thee days to farm gold/reeds/something science-y while having an internal meltdown, to everyone's confusion, forcing Albert to explain all the relevant details.) I love Albert's face in the second to last panel.
  13. "It can't be..." So either Wesker put together the original disappearance of William Carter and recognizes him, or this isn't Maxwell at all... dundunDUN!