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  1. Thanks, you have been really helpful. For some reason that setup was working on previous versions but not anymore. As the error message was confusing (version mismatch) I was not even suspecting a port issue.
  2. I did the steam update numerous times (I'm on windows) as well with validate to check files integrity with no luck. Server logs are showing correct up-to-date and matching with my client build number. Using the same files with a single (no shard) server works just fine and lets me connect. Here is the client log: thank you
  3. has anyone be able to set up working master and slave recently ?
  4. I created a DST dedicated server on a dedicated box, everything works fine. Then I set it up as master shard (still works fine) Then I created a second dedicated server on a different dedicated box using the exact same (and up to date) files grabbed via steamcmd. As soon as the slave shard is connected to the master I am no longer able to join in game (receiving a version mismatch error). I checked my client version and servers version, they are identical. I used to do the same setup some time ago when game was still using settings.ini instead of cluster.ini and never had issues. Cluster.ini files Master: Slave: Logs: Master: Slave: Ip's were replaced on purpose by X.X.X.X Any help appreciated.