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  1. Absolutely not, only Wes can mime that good
  2. I do the opposite: it is disabled and then when I need I turn it on with ctrl. It works well I never had problems. Try it, hope this will help you!
  3. You can't expect everybody to write everything perfectly, I think we are a lot of people who are not native english. Can you explain what is wrong ?
  4. Thanks for the hard work guys. And it's free. You're the best!
  5. Eating a green mushroom (-50 sanity) or two and then you're insane. Cook it to regen. And now so much easier with the op mushfarm The amulet is good to pop shadows or (before Rog) murder a lot of rabbits in chests. ...imo
  6. I first though that each pet would have a specific d'en and a specific training... I think that the devs says it' sur not finish yet, wait and see!
  7. Sorry, english is not my first language, can you please explain me what is a dedicated server? And also what do I have to do to make it work? Thanks
  8. I am the host and I didn't change anything. They just have disapeared from all my servers as far as I've seen, even those which I made before the update. It's like spots I've already discover have vanished. I suspect Maxwell being under this move...
  9. Hi there. Since the last update, there is no cave anymore in my overworld. Am I alone in this case? Thans for your work. This is a quick screen:
  10. Hi, I usually just read the forum (for the puzzle) but this is something I wanna talk about. I think Klei is great job, really, I love your games and Don't Starve is a masterpiece. And it would be an error to make Shipwrecked a standalone. I don't know for you, but for me going into the sea must be a real tough challenge, something that you consider twice. A lot of players have mastered their world and want end-game difficulty. Actually once you have enough ressources and your king crown, what are you doing? I think it is the perfect time to sail! Please listen to us. I think everybody here want your game to be great as much as you. I saw the stream and it was beautiful. Sorry for my english and hugs from France.