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  1. The point of the thread is to share about basing near sinkhole Btw, thank you all for the tips, i may look closer to treeguards, since bunnymen will probably be a bad idea considering how many meatballs my wolfgang is eating. The mod is also interesting, but I'm looking at good old tips.
  2. I am indeed talking about surface bats: I spawned a world with 3-4 underground stairs nearby each other and I find interesting testing that spot as a base. I am searching for a way to secure the outdoors. Thanks
  3. Well, the question is in the title no that they're a real pain, I just wish to know how you guys are doing with these annoying little animals. Does bunnymen, for exemple, kill them on sight? Thank for your tips
  4. Absolutely not, only Wes can mime that good
  5. I do the opposite: it is disabled and then when I need I turn it on with ctrl. It works well I never had problems. Try it, hope this will help you!
  6. You can't expect everybody to write everything perfectly, I think we are a lot of people who are not native english. Can you explain what is wrong ?
  7. Thanks for the hard work guys. And it's free. You're the best!
  8. Eating a green mushroom (-50 sanity) or two and then you're insane. Cook it to regen. And now so much easier with the op mushfarm The amulet is good to pop shadows or (before Rog) murder a lot of rabbits in chests. ...imo
  9. I first though that each pet would have a specific d'en and a specific training... I think that the devs says it' sur not finish yet, wait and see!
  10. Sorry, english is not my first language, can you please explain me what is a dedicated server? And also what do I have to do to make it work? Thanks
  11. I am the host and I didn't change anything. They just have disapeared from all my servers as far as I've seen, even those which I made before the update. It's like spots I've already discover have vanished. I suspect Maxwell being under this move...
  12. Hi there. Since the last update, there is no cave anymore in my overworld. Am I alone in this case? Thans for your work. This is a quick screen: