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  1. Problem With Hamlet...

    I'm totally supporting Klei having two differents games. I don't have time to explain yet but seeing you making the same thread twice makes me wants to reply. l'll develop if you ask but to be simple : different contents, different ways to work, different objectives = different games. And don't tell us it's expensive, DS and DST have a very good ratio cost/time spent
  2. They had to put a dark hair female character, Willow have been removed from the game... Just kidding
  3. See you at PAX!

    I didn't even mind for a playable demo, but at least having some feedback of the event, maybe seeing the devs playing the demo or showing stuff, well, anything. It could also be a stream about lore, art, or on what we have see in the trailer. I'm starving...
  4. I first was thinking like you, but the work Klei has done justify the 2 versions game. It's really another game and it also has it own dlc with ANR. I can't blame Klei, they're doing great games and listen a lot to their community. You will not be wasting your monney
  5. See you at PAX!

    Sorry to ask, but can we have information about the PAX demo? When and where it is? I may have miss something but I can't find anything. also, for those who are far (Europe), can we hope for a thursday stream soon? I'm really hype! thanks
  6. Upgrade Imminent!

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work! You guys are great and Klei is doing fabulous games. Take the time you need to do a masterpiece! It's done when it's done. anyway, it's good for us to have a timer, it allow us to follow your progress across the game, but don't think you have to rush. You show respect to your public and we'll be waiting!
  7. I am Leo, but I don't believe astrology. Tonight my wife came back home she bought meat. Wait...
  8. I'm sorry, I was actually checking because I was not sure, my bad! I'm sorry
  9. About gameplay, I recommend you "eat your veggies", it is great, I had a lot of fun, and it's challenging For customing, mods done by Silentine (if I remember correctly) adds a lot of good stuff close to DS universe (hound fur for exemple), but not everything is in DST, it has been partially murged by other people If you want electricty, there is a mod made by @Mobbstar that add also a lot of stuff anyway, it would help if you tell us what mods you are already using. hope I have help you
  10. - surviving winter the first time - killing all the giants in RoG - SW discovering - fences and doors update
  11. I do the opposite: it is disabled and then when I need I turn it on with ctrl. It works well I never had problems. Try it, hope this will help you!
  12. Hutch with a spear is the best way to deal with tentapillars i think tou just stay close to him and hit the pillar
  13. I've learned something! Thank you, I've never tried to put more than one stick, I wasn't curious enough... Woodie likes this!
  14. Reading everybody I think there is actually 2 problems: - OP ice / monster meat recipes: bacon and eggs, dragonpie, fishsticks, meatballs... That's very good stuff, and you can abuse it - always eating the same food: you can play all game eating the same recipe. Choose one above So yes, I understand what you feel when you want to nerf. But in the early stage of the game a new player has a lot to learn, and this easy recipe will help him focuse on something else, like farms, spiders or honey, and then he discovers new recipes with these ingredients. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think newbies relies on iceballs. And dragonpie (1 dragon fruit 3 ice) is even more OP I think Saying that, I remember a time we were stocking rabbits in chests... Maybe things will change with the secret stuff Klei's working on