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  1. I didn't know sorry I was just joking
  2. After South Park Tweek and Craig yaoi , Wolfgang and Woodie? Wilson and Maxwell? (please don't take that seriously)
  3. It's the famous Super Mario Skin already done haha I loved it @minespatch I was more thinking about a young Wolfgang skin (farmer) like what we have seen for Baby WIlson and Youngerbottom Like this two. I really hope they will finish this collection, I would love to play with them
  4. Best way to find Ruins?

    What i usualy do is to open and go down in every sinkhole when i am exploring in the early days . Like that when i want To explore later, i know where i dont want to go To find ruins.
  5. I do want a farmer Wolfgang skin now
  6. French cavalerie Source: http://www.cheminsdememoire.gouv.fr/fr/les-uniformes-de-la-premiere-guerre-mondiale (in French, WW1 outfits) Btw, German army German Hussard German Hussard military parade suit in the middle. Hussards were nearly all Prussians, it was a cavalery unit
  7. I like to believe he his half german and french, because of his name (definitively not french) and delicacy froggies (totally french)... I don't know if european countries are eating frogs exept France so I may be wrong. Just thinking about it: there was a part of France, Alsace - Moselle, that had been "given" by France to Germany in 1871 after the Prussian war and reclaimed back after WW1. During the war, there has been a lot of Alsaciens fighting for Germany (380 000 wiki). It can be a ground for Wolfgang. After the war, and fighting France, he didn't went home (know back French) and leaves Europe to start a new life in a circus in America Also, like @axxel said, socialism and communism were huge at that time, even in France and Germany
  8. I'm sorry, I was actually checking because I was not sure, my bad! I'm sorry
  9. About gameplay, I recommend you "eat your veggies", it is great, I had a lot of fun, and it's challenging For customing, mods done by Silentine (if I remember correctly) adds a lot of good stuff close to DS universe (hound fur for exemple), but not everything is in DST, it has been partially murged by other people If you want electricty, there is a mod made by @Mobbstar that add also a lot of stuff anyway, it would help if you tell us what mods you are already using. hope I have help you
  10. You can't expect everybody to write everything perfectly, I think we are a lot of people who are not native english. Can you explain what is wrong ?
  11. I have nothing against meatballs, it's easy to craft and usefull, I was talking about somebody cooking meatballs with 4 morsels like @Residays said. To explain myself, I DISLIKE when people are cooking with their feet. They're wasting food.
  12. I totally want this ! I love your artstyle once again ! thanks, now waiting period...
  13. Thanks for the hard work guys. And it's free. You're the best!