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  1. Youre reading into things if you think were furiously arguing. I agree with him, if the developers say that it cant be redesigned because they 1. want to stay true to the original standalone design 2. do not have the time left 3. dont want to compromise the orignal game and so on and so forth I would want a standalone game. But they haven't stated that a more integrated world is off the table, if any or all of those reasons mentioned above can be circumvented then I don't see the problem.
  2. I agree, it is getting tiresome. Whatever Klei decides to do I will support it because the fact of the matter is that they said they dont know what they are going to do at the moment. Before they didnt know people were interested in content that could be played together and now they are. If they deem that the content wouldnt work together then I would accept that. But again they havent decided yet, so I think other members should allow others to discuss possible ways that it could be merged without definitively saying NO when the developers themselves haven't made a decision.
  3. Just because they cant be played at the same time (assuming the portal and seperate world method is used) doesnt mean that you wouldnt be able to switch between them and play on the world you want in this case without loading a separate save file up on a seperate game for that matter. Say you are on ROG and you have a nice base built up but you want to get some coconades( new weapons from shipwrecked) in order to fight the deerclops. You make your way to the portal gather the necessary materials, maybe set up a small base there so next time you return you will be better prepared, and then head back to ROG to deal with the deerclops with your newly crafted coconades. By your logic, caves should have been a standalone game. Which is absolutely ludicrous
  4. But I think that is completely intentional by the developers. The giants spawn within the vicinity of the players so if you are far away from your base the deerclops for example will spawn by you but not close enough to your base to attack it. Additionally the giants have a chance to not spawn at all. Giants weren't only added to destroy your base. They were added as another challenge that you have to overcome, fight it or lure it away and let it despawn. How is luring it away and letting it despwan any different from going to the caves or to Shipwrecked? If you arent prepared for them or dont need their resources then I dont see how avoiding them isnt the ideal stretegy. There is no way that multiple worlds would ever have things going on at the same time in terms of monster spawning and attacking a players structures because the player cannot be in both places at the same time.
  5. I dont see how... Thats how the game plays. Game specific events do not occur within two seperate worlds. The Giants do not attack your base when you are under ground, in fact nothing happens above ground when you enter the cave, except for the usual time-related stuff. Thats my point if Shipwrecked were its own world similar to caves, events would only occur in the world where the player is playing. I think maybe the best solution is the mountable version, where the game is completley playable as a standalone, but if players do have ROG installed, it places the portal into ROG and updates the game with the necessary balance changes. Not sure how much time it would take to balance however.
  6. When you are in a cave during winter, the deerclops does not wreck your base though. If you are on ROG during hurricane season, your base on Shipwrecked wouldnt be touched. Afterall on the base game, things only occur within the players vicinity.
  7. Whats stopping you from going back to ROG though if you run into difficulties, stocking up and then heading back to Shipwrecked. The portal would act like a cave entrance. Nothing prevents you from leaving the caves if you run out of supplies. I sort of understand what you are saying about not wanting to build 2 full bases, but whats stopping the player from heading to Shipwrecked on day 20? Why wait until day 150. You wouldnt need to fully conquer the ROG world before moving on. On the flipside what if in the options you had the ability in the settings to choose which world you start on? So you could start on Shipwrecked, and then when you want to venture back into the older content you do so at your own leisure by heading through the portal.
  8. I dont think the giants/ and ROG specific seasons would be that big of a problem balance wise if Shipwrecked were included in the main game. If the game is reformatted into DLC and the islands are added to the main game along with the water, In a perfect world I imagine they might be able to write some piece of code that makes certain weather appear on different turfs. So that you have all the ROG seasons occur on ROG- specific turfs with ROG giants only spawning on ROG-specific turfs. Then of course Shipwrecked seasons would only occur on Shipwrecked turfs. Of course they would coincide so when its fall on ROG, its hurricane season on Shipwrecked and so on and so forth. Although they would have to account for the fact turfs can be dug up, so maybe the code would have to be more sophisticated and would designated the different games biomes into zones. I have no idea if that is even feasible or possible at all without reworking the way seasons are handled to begin with and if this is just incredibly wishful thinking but I thought it was worth suggesting. If the game was still designed as a standalone and the portal format was chosen, that would be a much easier solution as the Shipwrecked world would just act like the caves do. Giants do not spawn in the caves, and have separate seasonal effects. So the Shipwrecked world would have its own seperate seasons and bosses to fight. I dont think running to the Shipwrecked world in winter is any more cheap than running to the caves during winter, and it will still be a winter-esque season on Shipwrecked so you'll have to deal with that any any bosses that might occur because of that.
  9. I actually think the opposite will happen, it will be beneficial in the short term because its new and you can access it right off the bat. (although if they add a portal to access the islands that take what maybe 5-10 minutes of exploring the map?) But in the longterm the newness will wear off, you'll notice the similarities between it and the base game and will then have to choose which game to play leaving you with the feeling that it would've been better if they were in the same game. (I'm using "you" here as a general form and not you personally)
  10. You mean exactly like how its going to be on Steam?
  11. I keep hearing alot of people saying that Shipwrecked wouldnt mix well with ROG, wether it be the artstyle, or one or two game mechanics like the sea or the weather tweaks, which Im not fully convinced wouldnt integrate well with ROG. Regardless let me ask you this. How did they let that happen? The main concept of the game setting sail on the sea and exploring new tropical biomes sounds like a sure fit for ROG. People are mad because they wanted this experience to let them do that while at the same time being able to experience ROG and base game DS. If at some point during development of Shipwrecked they reached the conclusion that they changed too many things to integrate into the base game then that is simply bad game design, NOT A BAD GAME, but bad design nonetheless.
  12. The issue isnt just that its a seperate game. Its the fact people want to play everything Dont Starve has to offer without having to decide which of those .exes to run. People were already a litttle upset because DST exists seperatley with its own content, and likely an exclusive dlc, TtA. Now theres news of another version of the game with its own new content. And what happens in the future if they decide to release more content? Will it be DLC for Shipwrecked? A new standalone? Shipwrecked DST?Where will it end. Soon you'll have 5 different versions of largely the same game (concept wise) that could have and should have been integrated together.
  13. I dont know, i dont really get the whole reasoning with the tropical setting wouldnt fit in with the current Dont Starve. The whole point of Dont Starves world is that its a clusterf-ck of different biomes, how exactly is having more tropical biomes different from adding a desert like ROG did, heck before Rog every biome imaginable was already pretty much accounted for except tropical. And what about caves? If were arguing that the new gameplay woudlnt fit, shouldnt they have been a standalone too?