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  1. Hmmm... looks REALLY fragile... but the fact that he's into "ravenonry" (falconry... with a raven) plus the effort you put in the appearance (the aesthetic is REALLY similar to an original game character, COOL!) makes him a really interesting character to play with (but i'll prefer a 75 hunger + sanity...'cause it's REALLY hard to play with the actual values) OH DANG IT! let's give him a try, whatever! what possibly could go wrong?
  2. ok... i must admit: it's REALLY GOOD! the advantages Vs. disadvantages are well controlled (it sounded so boringly perfect to me... until the "involuntary hammering things" defect, is awesome!), the "bone" thing when strike by a lightning is a nice touch, the character design still not convincing me, but... it was good that you tried to imitate the aesthetic of the original characters (with the spiky lines on "her" pants & hair... but remind that the character's design is intentionally made like they look like "quick sketches", that's why they got that "bad colored" hair, like it was colored with a pen in a hustle, i feel the colorimetry is a little "flat" ) but looks pretty good and "solid" for me like as you're describing it. i'll give her a try... (english is not my mother language, so sorry if you don't understand some things)