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  1. Hi, So I've been trying to update to the beta but whenever I try to update my game, I get the following error message: I don't have a MDMp file as I actually uninstalled and reinstalled the game in order to try and fix this issue. I don't want to install the game in an alternate location because my C drive is an SSD.
  2. I am playing on my dedi server that has 800 days but does not seem to have many hunts available. I have updated my worldgenoverride.lua file to make hunts appear more often, but they don't show up when I update. Is it the case these settings won't implement unless I regenerate the world?
  3. This has happened to me on a few servers - but it's only when the server has mods enabled. If you press alt and hover over it, it puts you and people around you to sleep.
  4. I was playing with some friends and we killed glommer right on nightfall (a last minute decision in order to spawn Krampus). I ran down to his statue and saw the flower there - I picked it and he didnt show up and it still looked as though the flower was on the statue (only I couldnt pick it more than once). I destroyed his original flower, but still have the flower that I picked off the statue as it is not rotting. There is no Glommer in the world. Now on fullmoons - nothing appears on the statue - as though he around and alive. Any ideas what I can do to fix this?
  5. Or you play Wig lol. I had one monster meat and three of the juicy berries. I was going to make meatballs. I will be better prepared next time.
  6. I wasnt replying to your comment about the berry bushes. I just played in a world and saw no regular berry bushes - just the new ones. That's why I asked my question. If they're still there then that's good. It was just frustrating because I nearly starved thinking you could use the new berries in the crockpot only to find out you can't. I'll adapt I guess - I just don't understand where this whole update came from. Like what prompted them to do this?
  7. All in all - I just want to ask why? Why do this? I do like the new content but I feel like it's at the expense of others - especially the normal berry bushes.....whyyy!
  8. Well my dedicated server provided ended up refunding me for the rest of the month because they can't work out how to get it working on their system. Yay. Now I am dedicated server-less and really quite down about it.
  9. I am so confused. I rent a dedicated server and their system is so different to this. I have issued a ticket but the support worker who is helping me said last night that the update has made it very difficult. He is under the impression that I may still need two servers to run the game because the bat folder uses two folders to run the server which is essentially just two servers. He said that it causes issues because each server can only have so many ports or something. I've been trying to set it up myself but am not having much luck. I have attached a picture which shows my file options in the online server. It doesn't have a Klei folder - so I'm stuck trying to figure out where to put things. Any help would be appreciated. I want to get it up and running again While I am grateful for the update I am frustrated too since I am not able to use a service I am paying for. Please help @V2C!
  10. Yeah I have opened up a ticket. It was just bad timing for me all in all. Bummer.
  11. I rent a dedicated server and I can't even find a spot which lists caves in it. I have 5 cluster folders though. So confused.
  12. Hahaa. Nice try to whoever this is. As if someone is going to pay that much for an item in a game that cost $15
  13. @t0panka I would rather not publically state it because I dont want enemies lol. But a particular example was a person who game in with full goh and distinguished set and I commented saying how nice it looked and they said thanks but then went on to list every goh or distinguished item they had and talk about how people were feeding them skins from other accounts etc. The way they say it is just very braggy. It's the tone etc. It's hard to explain haha
  14. I don't really have time to read the entire thread at this moment, but I only just found out about the upcoming marketability of the skins. This greatly disappoints me. Perhaps the reason they have decided to do this though is because a lot of trades are involving TF2 keys. If I were Klei I would be disappointed that another game is getting funds from people buying keys to simply trade for a DST item. So I can understand where they are coming from. I also think that the Trade Inn is pretty useless now. 9 to 1 is a huge ratio. Quite sad and disappointed. I get so frustrated by the skins. I just like the look of the goh heads - but I do enjoy my common skirts just as much as my distinguished items. I am very lucky getting two. But there are people out there who have lots and when you play with them they just spend a lot of time bragging about it. I know you can just ignore it but it gets of my goat. haha.