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  1. I have upgraded my windows to latest version. I found it was very old. Then, i installed VC++ and tried to launch game. Problem still here. I think, need to re-install windows. I ll do it but not now. Anyway, thanks for your help. I never seen so fast and helpful advises on developers forums.
  2. Yes, i have upgraded my windows to 10 some time ago. I have run DXsetup and VCredist. Visual c++ occured an error №1935 "during installation of assembly 'policy.9.0.Microsoft.VC90.ATL,version="9.0.21022.8",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",processorArhitecture="x86",type="win32-policy" ' HRESULT: 0x8007054F I think its bcs my windows is 64x. But as i know even 64x system can support x32(x86) programms. Then, i tried to download Visual c++ x64. The error still exist and was same. Then, i tried to lauch DST with windows 7 compatibillity mode as administrator. Error was same.
  3. I did not change my monitor or its settings. I have updated my drivers as you advised. My client.ini contained: [MISC] console_enabled = true autocompiler_enabled = true [GRAPHICS] windowed_width = 800 windowed_height = 600 window_x = 188 window_y = 396 Where is no fullscreen settings. My monitor resolution is 1920x1080, so i cleared text and wrote: [MISC] console_enabled = true autocompiler_enabled = true [GRAPHICS] fullscreen = true fullscreen_width = 1920 fullscreen_height = 1080 It didn't help. Then, i tried to write this: [MISC] console_enabled = true autocompiler_enabled = true [GRAPHICS] windowed_width = 1920 windowed_height = 1080 window_x = 0 window_y = 0 It didn't help too. Then i deleted the client.ini. Game still wont start properly. It created new client.ini, that contained no graphics tab, only misc tab: [MISC] console_enabled = true autocompiler_enabled = true Perhaps, error convinced game to not read/write graphics settings?
  4. I tried everything exist in FAQ. Game still not run properly. There are client.log and over files, that maybe useful to solve problem: client_log.txt client_log_2016-06-20-17-15-41.txt client_log_2016-06-20-17-15-53.txt client_log_2016-08-22-09-35-03.txt client_log_2016-08-22-09-39-14.txt client_log_2016-08-22-09-53-37.txt client_log_2016-08-22-09-53-38.txt client_log_2016-08-22-09-55-53.txt client_log_2016-08-22-10-03-31.txt client_log_2016-06-20-17-07-45.txt client_log_2016-06-20-17-15-29.txt DxDiag DxDiag.txt MDMP file doesnt exist. I dont know why.