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  1. Well then i can give you a bit more info.

    Honey takes almost 4 seasons to get red. With that said, if you ve built a lot of bee boxes like i did you can extract only in winter and live of it till next winter.

    Also 4 honey in crock poy gives you taffy that can help your sanity. 2 honey, one moster meat, one meat or morsel and you get honey ham witch gives you health.

    In resume Honey is fantastic ;)

    Yea, it sure is. I will try those advices. Thank you very much :)

  2. Because i have a huge ammount of honey, because Wes starves faster and also because, since i cleared the whole world, if by some reason i get out of the base and i need food that i dont have i'm secrewed. So i will always have a stack of honey with me :-) I can just eat Honey from Winter to Winter ;)


    Thaanks for your answer :) Im new to dont starve so I usually cook all my food. Some with random recipes lol :D

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