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  1. I have the same problem. I can link Vanilla DS, and SW, but not ROG.
  2. Kiting is a little different. There is more of a set rhythm to fighting tentacles compared to kiting other mobs. As far as I know tentacles are the only mob that cannot move - they remain stationary. For all the other mobs, both you and the mob is moving. With tentacles, only you move. That's why it feels different.
  3. Not a bug. See notes for the last update. The way day count is displayed has changed.
  4. When I attempted to enter the ruins, the game crashed. This is a 6000+ day save. I opened up this particular ruins entrance about 1000 days ago. I've been in and out of the ruins regularly since then. I don't have mods enabled. The crash error message (see below) references nightmarelight.lua. The log file is attached. I'm hoping there was a recent update that introduced the error; otherwise, I'm probably screwed. log.txt
  5. When you go through Maxwell's door as Maxwell, you get the standard items in your inventory. They are: codex umbra, 4 nightmare fuel, nightmare armor, nightmare sword and a purple gem. However, in subsequent adventure mode world jumps, all you get is the codex umbra.
  6. I played through adventure mode as Wickerbottom, and I became Maxwell. I immediately went back through Maxwell's door to finish Adventure mode as Maxwell so I could get Wickerbottom back as my character. When I arrived in Epilogue as Maxwell, I read codex umbra twice so I could have 2 shadow puppets with me. (when Maxwell reads the codex umbra he gets a sanity cap reduction.) I took pity on Wickerbottom, and when I arrived back in my sandbox world as Wickerbottom, I still had Maxwell's sanity cap reduction.
  7. If you go the other way, the seasons do not get mangled. That is, if you jump from an existing ROG world to an existing SW world, the seasons work properly.I have 3 saves where I went fro SW to ROG. ROG had only the 2 seasons every time. I've jumped from ROG to SW several times. I had all 4 seasons each time. THe big problem now is random seasons - seasons lasting 1 or 2 days, and seasons that get skipped.
  8. The 6/15/2016 update states: "Fixed a bug where the inventory grave would reset everytime players jumped between worlds, allowing for infinite item farming " But it wasn't fixed at all.
  9. You can't avoid hounds by jumping worlds.
  10. I think that's the way it's supposed to be. If you want to save time by sailing off the edge of the world, you have to be prepared for waves and wetness. Like everything else in don't starve, it's a risk-reward trade-off.
  11. Until they fix this, random seasons are just one more thing you have to prepare for.