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  1. [Resolved] must read!about my save

    i saw this command on steam and it helped me a lot...looks like i wasn't the only one to experience this issue
  2. [Resolved] must read!about my save

    problem solved
  3. [Resolved] must read!about my save

    i don't know what to do...i like this save so much and now is corrupt
  4. i lived in caves from day 48-72 and when i got to the surface i realized that THE DAY CICLE IS ONLY NIGHT.....from like day 63,in caves there was 2 full moon nights and from that,my last 10 days in the cave i saw light from the surface,spiders were always outside the net,my pigs from the pig houses from the cave didn't came out and the bunnyes were always out..and when i came to the surface,even if there wasn't full moon the pigs turned in werepigs..i went back to the caves and saved....what to do now,is there any command to change my save like it was??i didn't do nothing,like i said i spend over 20 days in my cave base and when i came to the surface:surprise!