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  1. Any advice on drawing hands that don't look horrendous?
  2. Nice. Cool introductions for characters, though I believe we have yet to see the most magnificent of them all (Wilson)
  3. That look on your face. 'Hmmmm. This looks funny, but I'm not sure how to fix it.'
  4. Jerkies all the way. The trick is to come prepared with plenty of jerkies.
  5. Koalefants are quite a good trade off, 8 meat and one trunk in exchange for some of your time. The percentage for Varg of Ewecus starts at 5%, and raises to 33% or something at day 100 or thereabouts (the percentage is shared between them in DST). Probably safer to go with friends if in late-game, Ewecus can easily kill even a well-prepared loner without blowdarts. They might be even more dangerous than Vargs due to their projectile. Pig villages can deal with Vargs, though.