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  1. Is it just me or are you being unnecessarily hostile to anyone that disagrees with you? No matter if you use the max bedroom size space isn't in short supply. I don't think it's a requirement of any change to add difficulty to the game. Yes dupe time is valuable, but like other plants you can still automate fertilizing. Autosweeper in drecko ranch > autosweeper in wheezewort room. Don't forget critters eating hot materials but producing materials at their own body temp....
  2. Oh nice, I like the unique look of it now. I don't know why but I thought the other art was permanent.
  3. I may be in the minority but I don't think anything should give the morale bonus (or meet room requirements) if it's not functioning. This would include disabled, out of materials, not connected to wiring, etc. I don't think lights should be required for rooms but I would personally like a negative decor value across the board if not lit up, something like -5 or -10. Safe to avoid completely but just enough to warrant spamming them like snazzy suits. Yeah it was slightly annoying to need an autosweeper on 24/7 since they practically continuously produced pdirt.
  4. Just FYI this occurs with liquids too, any time 2+ gases or liquids are getting pumped in the same pipe this occurs.
  5. What most people in this thread are ignoring is the fact that message will not go away once you get a decent-sized base. You can have plastic ladders, fire poles, transit tubes, doesn't matter. Sure in your specific base you could optimize some things. But don't do it because of a useless "feature", only do it if you're having issues getting tasks done. And oftentimes that has nothing to do with transit at all.
  6. I don't really get why a tile shows 1000g only to give 500g when you dig it up. Just another thing you as a player have to learn when starting ONI and for seemingly no reason at all.
  7. I literally just experienced this and came to post about it. Time to kill all pips
  8. I think a whole dupe priority overhaul is warranted, way too much overlap.
  9. Prison Architect had a perfect implementation of this. Plan out whatever you want to build and when you're ready highlight the portion you want to build and your dupes will start construction, no need to draw over the blueprint again. Also copy & paste building, highlight a room and paste it somewhere else for dupes to build an exact copy of that room. I honestly don't get the point of any rec/park areas because of this, they'd all rather stand next to the portal. Do the rec rooms even give a bonus if the dupes don't enter? I purposely ignore it because deconstructing every single piece of art just to rebuild it when your artist reaches master is ridiculously tedious. There should be an upgrade function where either a) your artist automatically makes a pass over all existing art to upgrade it or b) you manually do so but by just building on top of the existing art like you can with tiles.
  10. So don't build lavatories, sinks, or showers. Got it. With 2,583 posts are you honestly trying to say your impression is that everyone was fine with fixed outputs? We straight up lying now to justify our viewpoint?
  11. [Game Update] - 348553

    You're saying something completely different from what I wrote, not sure why. Not a single person here said every machine should have input temp = output temp. You're completely making things up at this point to try justifying a change you personally agree with.
  12. [Game Update] - 348553

    You've always been able to do that, a 40C bathroom loop doesn't overheat your base. This change literally doesn't impact that at all if that's how you enjoy playing the game.
  13. Why would you input anything under 40C? We're talking about cooling, not heating.
  14. Unsurprisingly, all the players that don't mind the sieve minimum output temp change are also the ones that only play seeds with slush geysers ^
  15. [Game Update] - 348553

    It's simple. You completely made something up and touted it as the logic behind this change. What's actually simple is understanding a sieve doesn't change temperature at all and you're trying to make it more complicated just so you can feel smart. I'm confused, that person said their experience was "lots of people screaming this change needed to be made". I'm not sure why you're quoting my response to that. And again, obviously if you only play with slush geysers you will always have enough water. A sieve with an output of even 400C wouldn't matter when you can go the entire game without using it.
  16. [Game Update] - 348553

    Can you link where people requested the sieve to have a minimum output of 40C? The only thing players asked was for it to be dynamic, temp in = temp out. Sure if you're one of those that only plays seeds with slush geysers.
  17. I think the compost pile should be reworked to be similar to a critter feeder or storage bin. Currently if polluted dirt is available dupes supply it to compost piles, period. What happens when the player wants to save polluted dirt but compost other items? I think the compost pile should have a drop down list where you select an ingredient (it would show how much you have available next to it) and then specify the amount you want composted. Each compost pile would have its own settings independent of the others but of course also have a copy settings button. If the player wants to compost 100 mealwood seeds, they could choose 100 on 1 compost pile or 25 and copy the settings to 4 total piles.
  18. I really like this idea. They could take some inspiration from real life and have certain mutations be sterile, or when A is planted next to B it has a chance to drop a seed for C. Also dupes could find exotic plants from space missions. Also something should be done with decorative plants, I hate that you can't reproduce them.
  19. I was thinking about the research experience overall and how insignificant it is to the player. The only real choices you make are your first 2-3 selections, for the rest of the game you just click the end of a tree and work your way down, out of sight out of mind. A simple addition would be to make each research path require different materials. I get that dirt and water are the most basic ingredients a player has access to, allowing you to research out the gate. But there are a ton of other options available at start too! Raw mineral for paths like plumbing and ventilation for instance. This also leads me to the point of requiring material from specific biomes to unlock relevant research paths. I've never gone to the oil or volcanic biomes, but every game I have oil well and oil refinery unlocked. Same goes for space, by mid-game the molecular forge is unlocked but I haven't even broken the surface. I think it would be a much better player experience to retrieve material from the surfaces of these biomes in order to unlock their tech trees. A more complex addition (and way more interesting) would be to require the researcher to perform experiments to unlock selections. Some examples off the top of my head: Employment: Requires a stress test to be performed. A dupe has to monitored while using the manual generator for a total of 0.5 cycles (cumulative). Filtration: An experiment on gases/liquids needs to be performed. Deposit 100g of two different gases/liquids to unlock this selection. Decor (lighting): The effects of light on dupe environment need to be analyzed. Deposit one shinebug to unlock this selection. I think all of these additions would make for a more thoughtful research experience.
  20. How can I delete this? I'm seeing a way now the sensor can go inactive, if 1 pacu dies the door will open, but if the 2nd pacu dies before an egg hatches and drops down the door will close because 0 critters are present. Then I had it stuck in my head it was bugged and tried everything under the sun BUT adding a critter. When I rebuilt the ceiling there were eggs on top that fell in which must have activated the sensor and I thought it was from the ceiling getting rebuilt. God this sensor really needs an "above" and "below" setting like other sensors, it's so unintuitive.
  21. The critter sensor in my pacu breeding tank stops doing anything at all. No matter what number I set it to, 0-64, it won't activate. A reload doesn't fix it. The only thing that does is deconstructing the ceiling tiles of the tank and rebuilding them. The only reason this occured to me is because previously I used mesh tiles and when this bug first occured I thought somehow the game considered it to be part of the full tank of fish because the game displays water through the mesh tile. When I rebuilt it that time I made sure to use a solid tile just in case. Now the bug has happened again with solid tiles and with the game clearly recognizing the breeder tank is its own room. I took these screenshots and uploaded the save, then deconstructed and rebuilt the ceiling. It resolves the bug until it happens again in another hundred cycles. Transdimensional Space Prison.sav
  22. It's a bug, and this is the forum to report bugs. End thread.
  23. Also is it just me or could it be more informative? If I'm remembering correctly it just shows "Nails is starving and will die soon if she does not eat." I think it should show something like "Nails is starving. She will starve to death in 0.5 cycles if she does not find food." I'm not at my desktop right now but I also believe starving doesn't allow them to use the grill, I had one dupe that refused to make themselves bbq but as soon as I allowed them to eat raw meat they started eating.
  24. Same! A "forever" selection like the grill has would also be nice.
  25. While we're on the topic of notifications, wouldn't it be nice if they made the X the full height of the box? All the time I try to quickly close it and end up clicking the notification itself because the X is squished into the top right of the notification box.