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  1. I don't think ghosts should be there to begin with. You died, why should you have any more impact on the game ?
  2. As a ghost you're dead. Ideally you shouldn't be able to do anything at all as a ghost.
  3. Infinite Tools

    This is great, I love not playing the game.
  4. Glad too see there was a patch, it happened while I had no internet so it went unnoticed. It's a start but it's honestly small, and releasing this two whole months after the game's release is just baffling. I understand bugs are everywhere in the game, it was this way in Rog; maybe lua is a low grade language, maybe the game was poorly coded. But we're not just talking about graphical glitches or minor issues. Capy took a part in the game, but if SW was left this way to glitch itself out of existence, someone, somewhere didn't do his job. Maybe a solution would have been to have the price for SW something higher than 5$; so the one guy working on the game could have a friend, or maybe so they wouldn't have to move on to ONI right away. Or maybe even they wouldn't have to rely on the pennies they make off of DST skin sells, while the player has to pay for skins 20 bucks each if not more, just because some guy got lucky on the other side of the planet. About DST, it's future is looking very grim. Especially when you look at what additions such as twiggy trees and beefalo riding bring to gameplay. One transfer the oh so hated horrendous wood grind to twigs, where nobody apparently asked for that feature or understands what it does besides make the player spend more on gathering basic ressources. The other, requires an absolutely ludicrous knowledge of the game's mechanics, a ridiculous amount of time, for what ? Nothing. Beefalo riding brings nothing to gameplay. You don't go faster on a beef (in fact, you go slower). You don't hit harder, on the contrary. It doesn't make you very much more resistant to attacks. So why??? And this is something that has been soaking up development time for a long while. We have spent months on beefalo riding, and I've yet to see a semi-experienced player tame a beef unironically. Taming mechanics are just too complicated. On top of that, beef take way too long to tame, they untame way too fast; for virtually zero benefits. DST is a drunken mess. It has less content than DS, and the exclusive features either don't work, lack relevance, sometimes both. And I don't even want to mention seasonal traps that were removed (why???), or the big touchstone rant thread which to my knowledge devs ignored completely. Somewhat off topic, but I care about the franchise and it's obviously not going well, despites what everyone says on the forums. I cannot foresee a satisfying future for DST right now. The game is definitely not in a pleasant state.
  5. 3 months after the game release, I believe we have been patient enough. Klei has a habit of moving on after a project is out, leaving the players to deal with the bugs and imbalances. There is a serious lack of awareness and assiduity in Klei's development team.
  6. Where is all the DS bug fixing going, Klei ? How many more months ?
  7. Not unless we're talking about different games. Skins fill their purpose in being purely cosmetic. Somewhat.
  8. http://imgur.com/a/VFqYk Those skins look pretty great. How nice would it be if the players could actually get them in game instead of having to purchase them 20$ a piece on the market. Maybe in a year I'll have enough commons to work my way up to a distinguished. In the mean time, people without money can enjoy ressource variants that add nothing to gameplay and mob riding for a slower moving speed than simply walking on a road.
  9. [Game Update] - 169365

    Missing the point of early access there ? It's Don't Starve Together Beta.
  10. [Game Update] - 169365

    To demonstrate my point, I would like to show you a clip from Flare2v's stream of PVP DST. It features a team of Flare and Dampé on one side, and Crystal and myself on the other. Crystal and I took the time to raid ruins, which in itself is a lot of efforts. She had 3 Thulecite Crowns and was mighty Wolfgang. I had 2, plus 11 gears as WX-78. Just look how easy to it to counter teams with Sleepytime Stories. https://www.twitch.tv/flare2v/v/52815008?t=03h29m50s We essentially lost because neither of us was Wickerbottom. Scary, right ? Not only this, but drowsy stacks : this means that a sleep-inducing item like STS or Pan Flute, instead of refreshing the player's drowsy meters to a certain cap, adds a certain amount with each use. As it stands, making you drowsy/putting you to sleep is the worst thing a player can do against you; because you are unable to run, mostly unable to fight back, there's nothing to do but pray. Thankfully, the Pan Flute has disappeared from the major PVP servers and the game is one hundred percent more healthy that way. Please consider removing the Pan Flute and touch stones when PVP is enabled. Again, I am hoping this comes off as respectful protest. I am only showing to the wide public what might now be directly evident for everyone. But I really feel the balance is not going in the right places.
  11. [Game Update] - 169365

    I'm also sad to say I'm disappointed with the latest update. DST has been receiving consistent bizarre updates that didn't really do anything for the game and I feel puzzled about it. Everyone has mentioned how ghosts are already too powerful. Why not make the ghosts time out easier when they are AFK ? Why not make Endless a baby mode and remove respawn penalty, and make Survivial the really unforgiving game mode ? I would like to point out that while the recent changes help make DST an enjoyable, risk free and forgiving experience for new players who might be lost at first, or who just want to live peacefully together, it encourages to leave as soon as they learn how to survive because there is 1.Nothing to do in the end game 2.Staying alive is becoming more and more trivial. You can only really starve if you are AFK. So what is the point? I think Klei really needs to inject more of system where players can invest time in the game and always find something new. There's already a few ways to do this. One of those is mega base building; but it's pretty much a dead endgame goal in the egg, because there are so many limitations (no good servers to join, no way to world hop in DST, world regrowth is a thing, and now, you can't lose your world if you try). Another of those goals is Player versus Player. It's an investment because you need time to gear up, but you can be soo creative. But even that is really hard to wake work, because there simply haven't been any attemps from the developpers to shape this as an actual game mode whatsoever. Only 2 characters are actually viable, the rest is just middling or grossly underpowered. Wickerbottom was already INSANELY powerful (sleepytimes story beats thulecite crowns), but she has now ascended to the rank of almighty grandmother god, because small tweak such as Wolfgang's nerf help her, and because she can spray touch stones with tentacles to prevent players from coming back.On the other sides, we have characters such as Willow who is so disarmingly weak that she might as well be a young hatchling that broke her wings falling from the nest. There are no reason to play Willow ever. About ghosts again : they still hammer down everyone's sanity, even after the nerf. Furthermore, they increase nightmare spawns by A LOT, which makes playing the game, simply, not enjoyable. I am trying my best to be patient, but I will not be able to play this game until Through the Ages if PVP stays like this. Klei, you need to fix what you have already started instead of moving on right away. I mean no disrespect in this post, as always, but I feel I need to voice my opinion; because the Klei developpment team members might not have spent as much time in the game as some of us in the game, or have a marketting policy that might contradict with what the game really needs.
  12. Craftable Scales

    Nice way to patch the fun out. Game too hard, right ?
  13. Title says it all. They did in singleplayer, so I'm pretty sure lightning is bugged underground. Pretty inconvenient for WX-78, since it's one less way he can supercharge. View full bug
  14. Title says it all. They did in singleplayer, so I'm pretty sure lightning is bugged underground. Pretty inconvenient for WX-78, since it's one less way he can supercharge.
  15. When does this become an emote ? Quality content as always, Gl. -LightenUp
  16. Shipwrecked Roadmap

    I hardly see why you would spit on more game content. Believe me character perks usually make a big difference, if you have the knowledge to know how to exploit them that is. For example WX is completely invincible; Wicker can mass farm items like no other, including things you wouldn't expect like blowdarts; Wolfgang can steamroll his enemies, but takes skill to play since his strengh comes with a cost; Wes is for challenge and base building with his balloons; it goes on. Maybe you haven't taken the time to experiment with them and check what other people came up with. That is why Walani was such a disappointment. She's essentially a second Wilson and her on only real perks besides spawning with a board affect her stats in a kind of meaningless way; the same effect is achieved easily with any character, especially given the crock pot is so strong. Which is even worse given Shipwrecked's true problem : There is nothing to do in the end game. Past day 100, you've seen all of it. Rog had more or less the same problem, but it had base building. In SW, weather conditions (Wind destroying structures ? Hail destroying walls ?) as well as the sheer lack of options (No telelocator staff, no gems items ? Those are only examples) makes it that you can barely get involved in a long term run and have fun when surviving is not a challenge anymore. If there wasn't this content in Reign of Giants, there's no way I would have built a 3500 days megabase. I would have lost interest long ago. Shipwrecked needs all the content it can get. It cannot be stressed enough. To sum it up, since we were talking about new characters, I really hope Klei isn't afraid of min-maxing the upcoming character perks in fear of breaking balance. They need traits that can be exploited in a context that isn't the first days of survivial. Characters that require involvement for good rewards are usually thes best ones. Balance can come later. Now I will agree on something : This game is broken with bugs. SW even brought them to RoG, even for players that don't own both Dlcs. Things like sound files missing, or fireflies acting weird. I love Klei, but I'm bummed to see that some major bugs remain; Life Giving Amulets can still erase your savefile, Rock Lobsters still overpopulate and there's no 100% failproof way to get rid of them permanently. I'd like to stress that the one known method to reliably kill a rock lobster also relies on a glitch. Even then, there's no guarantee the hoard won't come back when all are killed. This is one thing. What I'm really disappointed about is that some of the bugs that get fixed are the one people were having fun with, glitches that took involvement to exploit. Putting backpack in your inventory not being possible anymore really makes me sad, because it suppresses one very important end game scenario : hoarding ressources and world jumping a lot of times to generate new worlds. It was not broken in any way, as it took sincere dedication to clean a world from it's ressources (that most often included struggling in the ruins to mine the statues); it wasn't someone could just exploit right away. It was, in all scenarios, out of love for the game and the community, in an effort to make something worthwhile. The people that know how to use game mechanics are also a large part of the ones that drive the community up. Without passionate players struggling to make the best out of the game, we probably wouldn't be where we are now. This is why I ask you, Klei : Don't restrict the game's options, give it more @Bryce This would be the perfect opportunity to re-introduce a mechanic that was in DST, but that was removed due to the griefing capacity of dying alone on the surface of a world in Survivial mode : The ability to store items in a world, and regenerate the other. This would allow for us, players, to do significantly more in the later stages of the game. I really hope my message comes through. I won't pretend my mouth is a fountain of truth; but sometimes, I feel like we more dedicated players are left out for new players and that there isn't much content to go around when one knows how to survive.