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  1. I dropped some items in the deli because of hayfever - poop and rope. Later, I came back to the deli, saw the items, and picked them up. The shopkeeper disappeared. I left the store, logged out, logged back in, re-entered the store, but she's still gone. Reported this bug earlier during beta testing:
  2. Yesterday I had the black room bug inside the florist (see above). Today, I entered a cave, and inside it was ... the florist's shop! Hovering over the items gave me the correct prices, but I couldn't buy anything because I couldn't walk into the shop area. When I moused over the doormat at the bottom of the room, I got the message "Enter door". (I couldn't do that, because I couldn't walk there.) Attached, screenshots from: 1. inside the cave 2. inside the cave (in map mode) 3. standing outside the cave.
  3. Hi! I was in the florist. I saved and quit inside the florist, immediately logged back in. First I got a black background (see image), then exited, entered, and everything went black. Log attached. Good luck! log.txt
  4. One of the lights is labelled "chandalier". Should be spelled "chandelier".
  5. When I entered the deli, there was a piece of poop on the ground. I picked it up. The shopkeeper pig ran to me to give me an oinc, but as she went to hand it to me, she disappeared. After she disappeared, I couldn't buy food from the deli. Tried save/quitting then re-opening the game, but she still wasn't there.
  6. Same thing just happened to me in the tool store. I tried holding a torch and setting a fire, just in case, but no joy. Also tried re-starting - no joy. Steps to reproduce: 1. Enter the tool store.