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  1. Nobody eats kabobs. Meatballs ruined kabobs. If meatballs got nerf, kabobs are back!
  2. Thank you so much, Klei!
  3. i think can use wardrobe with uncraftable item to change skin. are you agree with me? Edit: Sorry i didnt read next sinister_fang said. Kofy, i think you can't cane skin on tencent, only on steam. i dunno
  4. Well done, klei! now we waiting for fire staff and ice staff of Bumble Spear skin.
  5. add me to friend. i need buddy will work puzzle.
  6. i can help you. it's my code. i take your yellow code and you take my black code. okay?
  7. I still looking for Wendy GoH. I give you 3 TF2 keys (7.05€) for Wendy GoH. Thanks.
  8. Looking for Wendy GoH. i give you 3 TF2 keys for Wendy GoH