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  1. Saw a really neat tumblr post a bit ago delving deeper into this actually! specifically trying to get a more accurate age for the "age unknown" characters then just "adult"
  2. after having a very cursed discussion on discord i was posessed to make this
  3. Favorite New Halloween Skin

    Maxwell bc i read someone suggest a vampire skin for him like a year back and since then just really wanted one! (also im biased towards my main)
  4. I memed my own playthru
  5. I forgot that only Wormwood doesn't get damaged by red caps..
  6. its 3 am and this is what im doing god help me
  7. Here's my muddy garden boi outfit! !
  8. inspired by a conversation on discord
  9. oh fair enough!
  10. I'm sorry but in what universe isn't Willow in the MCDONALDS! tier
  11. i humbly offer my meme sadly in only png form because i lack a video editor
  12. i feel like going from a not straight ship to incest is quite the leap though