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  1. =Wallander Thomas Sykes - The Beastly Barber= Workshop Page Download Page [This is an in development mod, updates will be posted here on progress, new features, and hotfixes] Description: "A seasoned barber whose life had gone awry, Wallander Thomas Sykes, known by Wilson as "Snickety Tom", joins our morbid cast of characters, who curiously inquire about the nature of this newcomer. Questions arise to be answered with the arrival of this beastly barber and his perilous past." Stats: Health: 125 Hunger: 225 Sanity: 100 Perks: *A particularly skilled "Barber" Wallander's past is veiled in mystery. Though his dialogue may demystify some of it. He spawns with an Heirloom Razor Scale, an ornate handle with which he can craft razors for combat. *Balances Humanity and Animosity While at High sanity, he gains damage resistance due to his cautious nature and expertise in defensive combat, at Low Sanity, he becomes careless, his damage resistance drops massively, but also gains increased attack power and running speed. At completely zero sanity, he gains nightvision and becomes immune to Charlie's attacks until he regains sanity. *Has a voracious Hunger and Predatory Instincts Wallander's not afraid to eat what he can to survive, but he'll need to eat a lot due to increased hunger drain. At 15% Hunger or less, Sanity drains much more quickly due to regressing to his predatory instincts Trivia: *Voiced by a Pizzicato Bass Thanks to: Dleowolf for their "Extended Sample Character Mod" Found here X Akiru for code that helped with creating the Predatory Instincts perk Griffin for being my main modtester and vet to bounce ideas off of ZupAlex for help with Spriter and various bits of code Stephen Songheim for the wonderful broadway musical that inspired this mod to begin with Lumina for help with coding the Heirloom Scale