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  1. besides Minor Changes they probably wont do much. Problem with a member of "the holy trinity" is the community has high expectations and enjoys her op books already. When you see how the community reacted by going insane to a change to one of the books you know she's in the worst area for a character to be. Once you taste how overpowered a character can be, its hard to accept change, even a small nerf.
  2. I'll just assume it will be next week so they have another week to get stuff rdy for december
  3. I mean nothing stops Klei from making IRL Krampus the Merrymaker skin, and Yeti the Snowfallen skin
  4. Hah mine made it, so happy! At page 42 if anyone wants to peek ^^ Happy Late Hallows
  5. Also Im gonna hope the next Events will be announced a bit earlier than now since it was difficult to squeeze a piece in 5 days
  6. hopefully mine makes it tomorrow, just finished it and oh boy I wish I had more time but my Halloween time was a bit too busy to really squeeze in the few more things I wanted to put in
  7. I wonder if I'll finish in time, still a bit to go but its alrdy nov 1
  8. Hmmm... I have no-eyed deer what you're talkin' aboot
  9. Rejoyce, this was the BEST Short so far, revealed a lot Also, your Wigfrid has evolved!
  10. this has been done before by an amazing artist, y'all should just google wormwood jackolantern
  11. I mean, Im just talking about generic face structure in there, maybe I should have been cleaner and posted an imagine of a way to fix what bothers me, aka making Wormwoods face longer than a Horse's
  12. tbh my biggest gripe with Wormwood (besides that it was draw off-style) is the face; The Design is just bad once you remove the tentacles But yes, I do agree that Wormwood's Skin is not ideal as a Triumphant. Imo a Thistle would have been a better idea or actually something that looks more like the Deadly Nightshade, since I see no similarities
  13. Why is the on-model art on all these new skins so terribly unlike all the other skins? Like srsly, Chin Lines? It makes her look like she has seen some stuff.
  14. Dunno, its post update yet I still see some slightly discolored outlines And just to make it more visible, here is a blacked out version
  15. Any Chance to make Woby's lines not... this awful? We had black outlines for years, why change it?
  16. Huh "silhouette_barnacle" isn't that peculiar (that's the name of the Troubled Waters' Silhouette)
  17. Never expected Beards to be handled so weirdly... why aren't they like Wurt's Powerup/Woodie's (still non existent and probably not for a looooong time) Transformations? I feel like either reworking the beard component to work with skins like this or just put the beard into the character's file would have been a better way to handle it instead of making a new menu just for beards
  18. It does, Downsides force you into different playstyles, Example; Wormwood gets no HP from Food, this forces you to look into alternatives like Fertilizer, Bandaids or Teammates Wendy's Downside is a Damage Multiplier, she deals less which forces you to look into alternate ways of attacking; Abigail. But now with the changes, mainly that Abigail gives a Petal Debuff to Enemies for them to take increased damage, why should you not fight anymore? Your Downside has been completely nullified. When your Damage Boost no longer is done with HP, but time, you got even less reasons to not fight. But I dont expect to make anyone see what I mean...
  19. So, Wendy's Downside doesn't matter, once again, great, why do they even add Downsides when they dont impact the character gameplay anymore
  20. For most of the weird changes, Im probably responsive, since Im sending the issues directly to Klei per Steam. The issue with sheepington_emotes was that the frost skin it showed the ear infront of the wool in emote_stallion