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  1. Fairly Cheap Modding Commissions.

    Today i'd like to inform you wonderfull people that i have decided to start taking modding commissions. The request may be any mod you can think of aslong as im capable of doing it. Ofcourse the price will depend on how large and complex you'd like your mod to be. (All prices are in Euro's) Character Modding: Base character (this includes all the neccesary scripts and sprite art to create a functioning character.): €15 Character portrait: €15 Or you could suply your own art instead if you want Simple ability / items : €5 - 7 Complex ability / items: €7 - 15 Character speech lines: €10 You can do them youself if you'd prefer. I could also use another characters script instead Custom sounds (not including carol): €5 Other modding stuff: I also do non character commission ofcourse. Non-Character mods will usually be cheaper. If you're interested or have any questions feel free to send me a message trough Discord ( Bretticus Von Magnus#6841), trough steam ( Sir Bretticus) or leave a comment here. Examples of my other commissions: Wade, The Gloomy Poet: Other Modding Stuff:
  2. When using any modded character and opining the warderobe or selecting a piece of clothing on the character selection screen, the game crashes.