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  1. I think the theatre button is neat, makes me wonder if they're planning on putting all the previous cinematic's in there and/or in the works of a new one already.
  2. All Skins Concept Art

    wheres that from?
  3. New Files in DS

    wait a minute, that sounds a lot like Klei!
  4. so that's why I get hit when I'm not in their attack range, or dodged it even though it counts as a hit?
  5. ban derpime for having more posts than me how dare he!
  6. New Files in DS

    im actually really, really curious to see if they actually do something with this. maybe theyll add him in the future as a skin for willow just a thought
  7. All Skins Concept Art

    does anyone know when this is going to be implemented?
  8. really cool, I learned a few tips from this make more please
  9. cthulhu would be very interesting actually, something like that could be very epic