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  1. Every time I start up the standard DS game it will go from saying (not responding), load the menu just fine, and when I actually go to play on a world it lags. Not a whole lot but enough where it bothers me. I also noticed this little icon in the upper left hand corner, and I’m pretty sure it’s suppose to the game icon there and not a blank file. I wanted to see if it was any of my other games, so I hopped on DST and I can play multiplayer and solo with no lag at all. I tried to restart my laptop, uninstalling and reinstalling steam, redownloading the game completely, verifying the files, I don’t know what the heck to do to get rid of this lag. It makes no sense!
  2. Instead of the Dont starve icon with Wilson popping up in the upper left hand corner of my screen (I play in the windowed version display) it is a blank white file with like a small green box in it. I’ve tried verifying my game files, uninstalling and reinstalling, updating my drivers, and it’s still laggy. I can play DST just fine with no lag, but for some reason the single player game is giving me a hard time with the lag. Any ideas on what to do? It doesn’t make any sense how I can run multiplayer dst with 0 lag and then the single player don’t starve game it’s laggy af.
  3. So I start up the game, then it will stay black and say (not responding) then it will go to the menu of the game. I’ll go to play on a world and I experience lag. Not a whole lot, but enough that makes the game not so fun for me. I’ve never had an issue with this before. I tried verifying the files, uninstalling and reinstalling it, restarting my laptop, updating my drivers, I don’t have a clue how to fix this lag. It jus happened to me the other day. Please, any suggestions or feedback would be amazing.