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  1. Dr. Xu's Subdermal Tools ability lets him get into safes without hacking them, which can mitigate the damage done by Ritual because it means you don't have to use it on safes. Otherwise it doesn't seem like much of a combo to me; if Central + Ritual gives you +4 PWR per firewall hacked, you want some way to benefit from all that PWR, and Dr. Xu's ability tends to save PWR (since you don't need to hack safes), he doesn't give you a way to benefit from having excess PWR. How about Archive Prism (her disguise uses a lot of PWR, and her Buster Chip saves you from hacking some things with Ritual) or Nika (for her Volt Disruptor)?
  2. Sorry to revive a long-dead post, but here's a situation which happened to me today. Begin with 8 AP at square A. The path from A to C takes 8 AP, beginning with a diagonal step to square B. The interface shows me that this diagonal step to B costs 2 AP, so I infer that B to C costs the other 6 AP. Therefore I took two orthogonal steps (via a corporate safe) to B, leaving me with 6 AP, which turned out to be insufficient to reach C.