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  1. Yeah, I'm really curious! Hope it isn't the normal spider plush, because I already own that and I wouldn't want to have to buy another.
  2. I absolutely love the idea of Woodie doing some hefty woodworking! (It would make sense, too!) Would give us a better incentive to collect stockpiles of Wood. "Wood is so handy! Look at all the things you can make!" - Woodie's chest quote
  3. I've met Minespatch whilst playing the Gorge, gotta admit, I was freaking out. They're quite cool.
  4. 1. Woodie - Yeah, I've sort of dedicated myself to playing Wortox basically non-stop, but I will always hold a torch for a Woodie refresh. Woodie has been my main in DST ever since he found his way through the Florid Postern. (Or was it the Rigged Portal at the time? I can't recall.) I love his personality, his beard, his skins (Survivor, GoH, and Victorian are my favorites!), Lucy, and the fact that he calls Wendy and Webber "little buddy!" 2. Wortox - A charming and devilish little imp, I can't say I'll ever outgrow that mischievous prankster vibe! While sure, he's considered "non canon", I find Wortox to be the absolute perfect side character to any base and household alike. He doesn't even need to open the community icebox once! (Unless you're dropping off food for the mortals!) To me, Wortox will always be fun to play, because I take pride in playing supportive characters. 3. Maxwell - What can I say? I'm a sucker for tragic villains turned playable. (And I love those sassy quotes he has.) 4. Willow - Originally, Willow gave me the "female version of the male character" option that many games seem to have. (mostly games with the choice between a male protagonist or female protagonist) However, I've come to appreciate our little Pyromaniac and her scorched, stuffed bear! 5. Wolfgang - I personally don't play much of Wolfgang, but that doesn't stop me from loving his personality and instrument!
  5. Me: *wakes up early* Me: I should probably just go back to sleep. Brain: Wortox comes out today. Only for Klei will I wake up at 4:00 AM due to hype.
  6. Yeah, RT's stream left me befuddled and depraved of anything interesting. Now, I'm not hating on RT or Kevin, they both seem like fun guys, but I would've at least liked to see them do something with Wortox that wasn't just running around and picking stuff. (and switching to Winona for 95% of the stream.) I just wanted to hear the voice and soul mechanics! Is that too much to ask for?! Guess I'll have to do some extensive couple hour investigation on all things Wortox tomorrow.
  7. That's a day one purchase + the deluxe chest from me, thank you for all you do, Klei! (Probably going to main them just for that supportive role!!)
  8. @JoeWI'm glad you and the team are taking the time to absolutely polish the update. Thanks for considering quality over quantity.
  9. What is happening?! Wendy main enjoyed this. As I, a
  10. New character this month

    48 hours remain.
  11. New character this month

    Oof, don't play with me like that. D: I'm pretty sure DST releases big updates exclusively on Thursdays (mostly, anyways).
  12. New character this month

    Maybe the depths of the caves? Those empty spots sure look like a long fall. I also thought I heard an idea that there would be a non-human character unlocked in the caves?
  13. New character this month

    I always thought the big updates were saved exclusively for Thursdays.