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  1. Are the servers down, or am I just not able to download while all my friends are still playing?
  2. OH THANK GOD we can buy them! *sweats profusely* PHEW, close one! I'm paranoid of RNG ever since I came out empty handed last hallowed nights. And the one before that.
  3. I'm developing a character who'll benefit from the desert more than other characters, but one question came up: Is it possible to make tumbleweeds drop better/improved amounts of loot?
  4. I could see her starting with her Witch's hat that provides some waterproofing, not as good as a rain hat, but maybe a better Straw Hat? Possibly allowing her to simply sit under a tree and get minimal wetness. She could be a good contender for Spring, like how Wilson is for Winter. (I don't know, would this be useless?) As for disadvantages, I'll brainstorm a few ideas. (Maybe not being able to recruit followers? Like, they don't trust/understand her methods? That's would just be a minor disadvantage, though.) Maybe some of the stronger potions would take more late game ingredients? Another few ideas for potions: One that accelerated the body's natural healing, allowing for slow hp regen for a certain amount of time. And one that nullifies all damage from lightning, using a canary feather as an ingredient. (Or it could even charge WX-78 with a bootleg overcharge. Not as strong as Wickerbottom's End is Nigh, but perhaps good enough for a few minutes.)
  5. Oh man, I can't wait to be donning the Tesla Lantern with the Mad Scientist Wilson skin.
  6. I'm loving these discussions, it's nice to see everyone's opinion on Waverly.
  7. I mean, shoot, they even have Elixirs from the previous Hallowed Nights.
  8. I agree completely! That's exactly the kind of personality I envisioned for her! As for her gameplay, she could totally be a team player that would benefit greatly from the mushroom planters and magic to create elixirs or potions and whatnot for the other survivors. She would make for a perfect way to use old ingredients in a new way! (Maybe she could start out with a cauldron recipe?) There could be brews that temporarily increase your max HP (blue mushrooms?), restore or lower sanity (raw/cooked green mushrooms?), and possibly a harmful mixture to increase the damage of spears! (red mushrooms?) I imagine she wouldn't have lots of health or sanity, because she'd be able to manipulate them with her elixirs. I think she'd work best as a support survivor, like Wickerbottom. Just imagine the two working together, Wickerbottom growing crops for everyone, and ingredients for Waverly to use for her cauldron!
  9. We need one of Wolfgang eating all the food in the Icebox. These are incredible! Well made!
  10. This is Waverly. And for those of you who don't know Waverly, she is a character that had files for Don't Starve but never made it into the game. She resembles an old witch with long strands for hair, similar to Wes. She's a character that I couldn't stop sketching before classes and in my free time. I personally see a ton of potential for a witch styled character in Don't Starve Together, possibly being able to brew beneficial elixirs using mushrooms and other ingredients for the survivors to use to their benefit. I've had my eyes on her ever since they added Mushroom planters to DST. What are your thoughts on Waverly?
  11. That's a good question.
  12. I think the ice has a hold of WX-78.
  13. I tried going into Werebeaver form with Woodie's gladiator skin and got this instead. Interesting results. Does this mean Woodie's going to get a unique Gladiator Werebeaver form? Or is this simply a bug?
  14. Were the memes spicy enough? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  15. It's been a little while, how about a Twiggy Treeguard?